Pink 42 Hut-Hut

Only two days remaining—Then it’s time to get our Blitz on. As you know, all the Bad Girlz have pledged to blitz this summer. My Team! (Smiles proudly) We’re doing our best to recruit other Bad Girlz of the world to join us.  Do you have a blitz goal? Maybe your goal is something completely different from writing. Perhaps you’re blitzing to get organized or to start an exercise program. Whatever is it, get on board and let’s get this thing done. Every successful football team has a great playbook. A plan. Here’s mine.

My first goal is to complete my Work-In-Progress, approximately 30,000 words, without looking back. That’s right. No editing for me in the first quarter. I’m going to throw as many words on the page as I can. Trust me, it will be ugly, but I need to get the story out of my head and on the turf.

I’ll spend the second quarter tackling plot, conflict and motivation problems. Could you hear my sigh? We all know by the time I reach the end of this quarter, I’ll be so sick of looking at this story, I’ll need  to collapse on the side lines with an oxygen mask. However, don’t count me out of the game just yet.

Sick of football slang yet? Hope not, there’s more.

Lots more! Halftime—Bring on the cheerleaders. I’ll meet a fellow Bad Girl (or two or three) for coffee. I’ll whine. I’ll complain. I’ll grunt so much I’ll sound like a QB down by three touchdowns during Super Bowl. Then my writer buddy will act as coach and give me a pep talk. She’ll say things like, “Stay in the game, you can do this.” Then I’ll be ready to tackle the second half.

Third quarter—Edit. Edit. Edit. I’ll get my story polished and ready to pass the pages to my critique partners (CPs). Once I toss the ball to them, there will be no sitting on the bench for this Bad Girl. That’s when I’ll get my query letter and synopsis in tip-top shape. Fourth quarter—Make suggested edits from CPs. And SUBMIT. Yay! Touchdown.

For me, this blitz couldn’t’ have come at a better time. Everyone needs a little push now and then. I know I do. So come on, put on your jersey and join us.

Remember, if you do join our blitz, and find yourself losing motivation and need a little rump slap to get you going again, we’re not only your teammates, we’re your cheerleaders and coaches too.

NOW I promise not to torture you with any more football slang for the rest of the season. 🙂 Let’s kick the summer’s butt together.   Do you have your game plan? I’d love to hear about it.  #BGBlitz!

Remember to Dream Big!


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