Bad Girl Nominee from Jenna P: Ms. Fiona Gallagher

It wasn’t easy for me to narrow down my long list of bad girlz, so first I came up with a list of criteria that emulates the very definition of bad to me.  And here it is….

  1. A bad girl must speak her mind, even if it’s the unpopular thing to say.
  2. A bad girl laughs in the face of those who tell her she can’t.
  3. Leather skirt or ratty jeans — a bad girl rocks it because her attitude is what makes her be noticed.
  4. A bad girl knows exactly who she is and isn’t afraid to be that person.
  5. A bad girl recognizes her weaknesses, and then stomps all over them.
  6. A bad girl could survive on her own, but realizes a party is much more fun with friends and loved ones.
  7. A bad girl does what she has to do.  Period.

So, it’s my pleasure to nominate Ms. Fiona Gallagher from Showitme’s hit — SHAMELESS as my Honorary Bad Girl!

fiona1For those of you who don’t watch SHAMELESS (which — SHAME on you, because it’s fantastic!), Fiona is played by Emmy Rossum.  As the oldest of the 6 Gallagher children, she’s been dealt the task of raising her brothers and sister because her alcoholic father won’t do it and her bipolar/drug addicted mother abandoned them.

fiona-family   fiona-family2

Fiona’s not rich.  She can’t afford the best of anything.  In fact, Fiona’s family is about as white trash as they get.  But to me…Fiona has class.  (There’s two things I thought I’d never say in the same breath!)

fiona-fuck   fiona-beer

 She drinks.  She smokes.  She curses like a sailor.  But she loves her brothers and sister, and will do whatever necessary to make sure they survive.  Whether it be working at a bar, shoveling the shit from broken sewer lines, or selling marijuana from an ice cream truck.  She’s given up every one of her own dreams so that her family can eat.

fiona-bury      fiona-cashfiona-L

 And it’s not easy.  Her pride is her biggest obstacle.

fiona-cry   fiona-argument

But she finds a way to survive, just like we all do.

fiona-door    fiona-friend

Even finds a way to smile every now and then!


Bravo, Fiona Gallagher!  You are an Honorary Bad Girl!



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