I Love the Eighties by Megan Crane: I Loved This Book, Y’all!

Today, i’m giving my occasional post series Bitching About Books a warm-fuzzy flip. While Bitching is just that: bitching in general, when I say something nice, I do want to be specific. A few things to mention first: this (and any other book I choose to review on this site) is a book that I have purchased for my own pleasure-reading purposes. The books I select may or may not be new releases, or romance, or even by someone still alive. I’ve never met the author, and my opinions are mine simply as a reader. That being said, when I find a book I really like, a little fangirling is called for…. So let me just say….I loved this book, y’all!


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Why I loved it: If you’ve read this blog long enough to get any sense of me at all, it’s obvious. Hello…it’s a romantic comedy where an obsessed fangirl time-travels back to 1987 and meets her ultimate rock star crush! There may be things out there more “me” than that, but I’m at a loss as to what they are. Jenna Jenkins is a thirty-something employee of and 80s video channel, which fosters her borderline-unhealthy obsession over the Wild Boys and especially Tommy Seer, the singer who died in a tragic and mysterious accident back in…you got it…1987! When Jenna time-travels back, she finds herself still at work, but this time, the videos are current, the band is together, and Tommy is alive, but will die in a few months if she can’t stop the person trying to kill him. That is serious, y’all! I mean, if you time-traveled  back to the time when your favorite singer was cute, available, and down to party, you’d be busy enough just boning the dude….amiright???? But Jenna’s got to save Tommy’s life!

Things don’t go as planned since she’s not really his type, and in his eyes, she’s a complete stalker groupie nut-job. From the future. And Tommy’s an asshole to Jenna at first. He makes no bones about his opinion of groupies. But save him, she must, even if he hates her. This is where the story veers from any insert-self fan fiction into reality (or as much reality as the awesome premise will allow). Tommy’s treatment of her is crushing at first. Not only are they not soul mates like she’d envisioned her entire life, she doesn’t even like him. Jenna feels frumpy and inadequate. She’s found herself smack-dab into her ultimate fantasy, and it’s not at all how she’d dreamed, and Tommy’s persona is a complete fake.

But, as they get to know each other, they get closer. When mysterious accidents keep happening too close to Tommy for comfort, he suspects that someone is trying to kill him. As the attempts on Tommy’s life escalate, it becomes harder and harder for Jenna to protect him without revealing the truth he’ll never believe. When he finds out, it devastates their relationship. But Jenna doesn’t care. This is what really sold it for me: her love for him is so deep and multifaceted: the real Tommy, his persona, his music, and all the potential he has to be the artist he truly wants to be–she must keep trying to stop Tommy’s murder if she loses him and her own life in the process.

This book is fun, funny, ridiculous in a great way, has fun with gender stereotypes, and is touching and very heartfelt, too.

What I didn’t love: The cover wasn’t eighties enough! There was a real opportunity missed regarding the tightness of those jeans. And I wished, just for Jenna’s sake, that she could have gotten some better eighties clothes to wear. She spent the entire time frumped-out in Facts of Life Sweaters. I wished she could have gotten herself into some Robert Palmer girl stuff just once. Then again, I guess that’s how we know Tommy fell for the real her. Just sayin’.


And now, let’s do an illustrated version!

Here is the band, Duran Duran The Wild Boys. Awww! So cute! Like kittens, but sexy! Which one is Tommy? Whomever floats your boat. There’s a bunch of ’em to choose from.duran duran 1981 a

But…..! Your favorite favorite dies young when you are still a kid!! Noooooooo!!!!

girl crying gif


 If only, there was some way to…..

Cher Turn Back Time (1)

But something suspicious is going on…

simon le bon

Oh no!! Look out!!!

view to a kill

So you gotta….


Damn Straight.

To conclude, I wholeheartedly recommend I Love the 80s. Anyone who doesn’t enjoy this book probably doesn’t like fun. Megan Crane, you are awesome.

Love, a new fangirl,


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