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Well, I’ve done it, Bad Girlz of the World. I’ve  started a street team. I know. I know. I was leaning away from establishing a street team in my last post on this subject. But, I changed my mind. Or rather…a phone call with my agent changed my mind.

Let’s have a moment of writer honesty, shall we? Gather ‘round, pour yourself a mimosa, and let’s chat. Four short months ago, I was a debut author. Let me phrase that another way. Five short months ago, romance readers had never heard of me. Four short months ago, they (maybe/hopefully) noticed my first book. Three short months ago, they (maybe/hopefully) noticed my second book. And, less than one month from now, I want them to notice my third book. It’s an issue of discoverability—a big word that makes every new author quake in her boots. But, there’s no need to shake it in your cute boots unless you want to, because discoverability will happen with the help of a street team.

With my sudden change of heart about setting up a street team, what did my agent say to change my mind on this subject? Our conversation went something like this:
Me: Do I need a street team?
Her: It couldn’t hurt.
Me: But, do I need one?
Her: (…I’m going to summarize here because I’m pretty sure she had bullet points involving bookseller online algorithms, the validity of book recommendations when they come from people who are not me, and the realistic reach of my social media.) Yes.

The next day, I established The E. Michels Sparkle Society. (Link for shameless promotion here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/emichelssparklesociety/ ) I created a Facebook group since that seemed like the logical thing to do. I invited friends to join the group. Then, I sat there at my laptop, admiring my creation while thinking thoughts. Thinking what, you ask? What the hell do I do now? I don’t know anything about running a street team! I’d heard readers want the group to offer a forum for open chat about the author’s books. So, I posted a few pictures. But, how often should I post? And shouldn’t there be promotion and goodie giveaways at some point?

Since I had no idea what I was doing, I asked a friend who’d been on street teams before. She said to post things to the group to be reposted by members a few times a week. She said I also need to have the group tag me in their posts so I can see what’s happening. And then, I can send signed copies of my books and sparkly gifts once things get moving in the group. I admit, there are still quite a few gaps in my knowledge. *eyes Bad Girlz of the World who know all the things about all the things* Maybe together we can figure it out?

I’m really excited about my new street team on multiple levels. I’m looking forward to getting to know my readers and I’m looking forward to finding more readers. It’s a win/win situation! So, if you have the debut author-how do I let people know I exist-blues, consider starting a street team.

Have you been involved in a street team? Do you have a street team? I would love more information. Please comment with your experience so we can help one another. 

~ E. Michels, whose 3rd book, HOW TO LOSE A LORD IN 10 DAYS OR LESS, releases on July 1st.
Pre-order your copy today!
A bad girl has to try, right? *winks*

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