Summer Time Rut!

As you know, we are in the middle of our Bad Girl Blitz challenge. How are you doing? Have you fallen into, what I refer to as the “Summer Time Rut?”

You’re probably yelling at you computer right now.

Lori, I haven’t written a word or made one tiny step toward my goal all summer. Guess what? That’s Okay. Life happens! We get distracted. We lose our way. I understand.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not giving you the “get out of jail” free card. I’m just reminding you its okay to fall behind. However today is a new day.

I try to live by this saying . . . “You can’t just wish for it, you have to work for it.”

So to those of us, (me included) who aren’t as far as we’d hoped to be at the beginning of August, let’s get to work. Think about the original challenge you made back in the spring. Have you accomplished most, some or none? Whatever your goal, I suggest you sit down today and rewrite it. Adjust, modify, or void and start over. Just give yourself a goal for the remainder of the summer.

We all need a little push now and then, and today I’ve got my bulldozer ready to push you out of your rut. You can do it. I know you can.

You may say, I have accomplished my goal, yet I’m still getting nowhere. This writing business (or life in general) is really hard. You work and work just to be knocked on your butt over and over. Sometimes you’re even tempted to say I can’t do it. I’ve done everything I possibly can and nothing seems to work. I give up.

Please don’t give up.

What if five years from now you discoverer a magical way to return to your past and see you were only one day (or one month or even one year) from accomplishing your dreams? Your hopes didn’t come to pass because you quit.  How heartbreaking would that be?

I hope I don’t sound condescending. Trust me, I’ve wanted to toss in the towel so many times, I should have a laundry basket full of relinquished dreams. When I feel that way, something in my gut always murmurs, keep trying.  So I keep going.

This blog is dedicated to my dear Bad Girlz of the world who‘re stuck in a summer time rut. Rather you haven’t met your blitz goal or you’re just stalled with life in general. Take a moment to catch your breath. But please don’t give up. Get your notebook out and set a new goal. You can do it. I know you can.

Don’t forget to Dream Big!


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