The Bad Girlz Blitz Halftime Report

Okay.  Time for raw honesty, here.  I don’t mean to be a Debbie Downer, but I’ve never been one to sugar coat shit — it’s still shit.  So here it is.

It doesn’t look good for the home team, folks.

I started out with such high hopes, a kickass game plan, and the stamina to make it through a three month journey to writing a manuscript.  And here I am at halftime with a big fat goose egg on the scoreboard.

Yeah.  I suck.

So what went wrong in the first half?  What didn’t I account for in my brilliant plan?  If I’m going to make any adjustments to my defensive line, it’s now or never.  Right?  We can still turn this thing around.

Only…there’s a slight problem.  My opponent is fierce and relentless, and smiles at my measly attempts to take him down.  What I need to adjust is the one thing I CAN’T.


Sure, I thought about it.  I cut down to 3 days a week and planned on using some vacation time here and there to make up the difference.  Seemed like an okay plan, until I got hit with an impossible deadline and watched my 2 days off get pried from my cold, bleeding hands. *cue violins*

I tried to fight through it, but after doing math for twelve hours straight there’s just not a lot of room left for creativity.  I am exhausted, busy, and I am flustered.  So exhausted that I don’t feel like doing anything but lay around re-cooping on my days off.  So busy that I can’t even manage to read and comment on my fellow badgirlz blogs.  So flustered that I’ve been having my seven year old daughter make my to-do list, because I can’t seem to remember to pick up the Combos I promised her from the convenience store.

So, not only do I suck at blitzing – an idea I came up with – but now I’m a disgruntled employee, lazy wife, horrible friend, and even worse mother (how did I forget the Combos??)

See where I’m going with this?  It’s like a freaking snowball, getting exponentially bigger as the days go on.  How can I write with all this crap going on?  Where would I find the time if I could?

I always hear people say you need to find a way to write through it all, but how?  HOW, when there aren’t enough hours in the day?  HOW, when you’re creative mojo is being sucked away by deadlines that your bills depend on?  HOW, when you’re trying to write a family saga but feel like the world’s worst mother?

I’m all ears, folks.  I don’t want pity, I just want some ideas.  Help me get back in the game!!

Hope you’re blitzing better than I am!

Jenna P.

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