Meg Silver’s Fantasy Heights Series

WWRWThis week I’m recommending an erotic romance serial series by Meg Silver called Fantasy Heights. A word of warning here…these books are ridiculously hot. If you are offended by threesomes, bondage, voyeurism—Don’t read them.

But, if you like erotic romance, they’re a lot of fun. Each installment is a novella. The entirety of Season One (nine novellas!) is available as a box set, and Season Two is currently being released one by one. Thankfully, Ms. Silver is a fast writer, and there’s not much lag time between releases.

Meg Silver Box Set

Here’s a very brief description from Amazon:

“Season One: Jilted bank manager Amanda Tate discovers Fantasy Heights, a resort where sex and theater combine to fulfill its guests’ every fantasy. Hired as a low-bie performer, Amanda explores her sexual appetites with captivating coworkers and powerful clients. What could possibly go wrong?”

I would actually classify these as erotic romantic suspense. An underlying mystery threads through Season One and basically wraps up for our H/H, who do get an HEA at the end of S1, by the way. Season Two kicks off with a related mystery and a new heroine/hero. Although, be warned, sex has nothing to do with love in either series.

If I ruminate on the premise of the series offline, I’ll admit it’s a bit farfetched (I don’t want to say too much and give it away). However, the concept doesn’t bother me a bit while I’m reading them. I totally buy it. And, isn’t that the mark of a great writer? She sucks me into her characters’ world very effectively. While I’m on the subject, let me say that I really appreciate Ms. Silver’s voice. Her writing is crisp and descriptive without veering into purple. The books are written third person single POV of the heroine.

At the time I’m writing this recommendation, Book One of Season One, Help Wanted is free on Amazon. Also, Ms. Silver self-publishes her books, and her website is chock-full of great info for writers thinking about self-publishing. Whether you’re into erotic romance or not, she has a tutorial of handling and uploading files for the self-publishing. Check her out at

I’m normally not a serial romance fan, but I really enjoyed these and now would be a good time to binge read Season One! Hope you enjoy…

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