Seasonally Challenged!

Fall? It’s fall!

I can’t believe tomorrow night I’ll be passing out goodies to little ghost and goblins trick-or-treating. You see, I’m a little seasonally confused right now. I spent my summer writing a Christmas story.

Note to self: Write all future Christmas books in November and December OR at least in WINTER!


I’m not going to lie, writing Christmas in July wasn’t easy for me. I used every trick I could think of to get in the Holiday Spirit as my son and his friends splashed around in the pool.

I need my readers to believe it’s December, though in reality, Santa isn’t due for another few months. I pulled from all five senses to remind myself what Christmas feels like—Looks like. I played Christmas music all the time, driving my family completely insane! I had the Yule log burning on my TV when it was ninety-eight degrees outside. I lit pine scented candles. I did just about everything, but drag the tree from the attic.

When I’m writing out of season, there are a few basic things I keep in mind.

If it’s late September or October, the leaves will be changing colors and falling from the trees. For me, there’s a certain smell that accompanies autumn—A fresh, earthy scent. Pumpkins and Mums will embellish porches and flowerbeds.

In winter, the trees become bare and gray. The days are shorter. Brisk cold air freezes body parts. Geographically, the further North the story takes place, the colder and snowier the setting should be. Footsteps will sound a lot different traipsing along a snow-covered sidewalk in Vermont, versus a dry one in Florida.

When it’s a lovely spring day, and my heroine is having lunch at the park, she may hear children laughing and dogs barking. She may need to dodge an annoying bee flying around her sandwich. It’s spring! She needs to see flowers. Or at least feel sinus pressure. 🙂

Summer is going to be hot! If my hero and heroine are making out in his convertible during a scorching summer’s night, there will be perspiration. ALL OVER! Wish me luck making upper lip sweat sound sexy. Just kidding. I’ll leave that part out.

We need to be careful when we interweave the seasons in our settings. We need it to be believable without being bland or boring. So dear writers, if you find yourself struggling to write tangible descriptions and settings because it’s not the coordinating season, do your best to come up with aids to help you. Try what I did. Play music, light candles, drive your family insane. It’s fun!

Have any helpful hints to share on getting mentally prepared? I’d love to hear them.

Remember to Dream Big!


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