Draft Love

Readers, I am in love! Draft love, that is! After a few patches rougher than nails filed with industrial sandpaper and more false starts than I can count, I’m finally in the sweet spot again. I’m really into my story, and am looking forward to any time I can get to spend with it. Which is a good thing, since I really need to get this one done! My current series revolves around the lives and loves of performing mermaids in a tiny Florida town in the 1950s.

Ever since I started writing, I’ve made it a point not to write what I know, exactly, but to write what I love: the settings, the characters, the themes. I want to immerse myself in the things I love, miss, or wish I could experience.  My series has all of that and then some–and I’d like to share some of it with you. So, without further ado, I give you…

My Favorite Things About Emerald Springs

1. Ogling midcentury hotties


2. Nature


3. Retro bathing suits!


4. Daytona Beach motels…. before they were flea pits.

daytona motel

5. Q: What’s more cheerful than this?

pink travel trailer

6. A: This.

mermaid kiss

I hope you liked the quick peek at my story world–I know I did! What do you most enjoy musing about, and how often do these things end up in your stories? Comment, and let me know….or better yet, post some pics!

Happy writing!

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