A Bad Girlz’ Wish List

You do not want to know how long I pondered the possessive of ‘Girlz’.

Anyway, since the holiday season is sneaking up on us like the ruthless assassin she is, the Bad Girlz would like to share with you our wish lists.  Some will be serious, some fun, some personalized, and some general. My list is a mix of all of the above, but I swear, I am very serious about each item. 😀

1. More hours in the day. Ask any writer, and I bet they all want more time. I’m not sure how to accomplish this, but it’d be a lovely gift. For me, I’d like a couple of extra hours in the morning to write, one more hour in the afternoon to meet a friend for coffee or drinks after work, another hour in the evening to relax with the family, read or watch something in my Netflix queue, and two more hours to sleep every night. Someone defy the laws of nature and structure of time and make this happen.

2. A year supply of coffee drinks from Port City Java. This is the coffee shop across Main Street from my office building. They have this thing called the Mocha Freeze. I get it with soy milk, no whip, and it tastes like dark chocolate frozen coffee orgasmic dreamsicle in a cup. Dang thing is like $5 though, so I need someone to buy them for me, year-round. k?

3. 52 bottles of Rex Goliath Pinot Noir. I only drink it on weekends, so 52 ought to do me for the year. I recently discovered their Noir and Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.


As one of the other Bad Girlz pointed out, “There’s a giant cock on the label.”  There is! It also says, “Lush & Velvety,” but we decided we wouldn’t go there. (We totally went there.)

OMG wine

4.  Journals and notebooks that will fit in a purse. I’m a note taker, plot jotter, list maker. Small notebooks are my security blanket and I know I’m not alone. Without fail, I’ll have a bit of awesome dialogue pop up or a plot epiphany hit me in the waiting room of the allergy shot clinic. I could type it into my phone, but I like rocking the old school notebook. There’s something about a pen and paper when it comes to creative notes.

5. Comfy clothes. I spend my Monday – Friday in dress pants and blouses, occasionally a skirt, rarely a suit jacket. So, when it comes to relaxing weekends and my time off, I tend to be uber casual. Unless I have somewhere fabulous to be, my attire suspiciously resembles pajamas. Most writer gear tends to be this casual all the time. Yoga pants = the writer uniform. I also love leggings and hoodies in the winter; big hoodies that I can ball up into like hedgehog. I think these say McGovy, don’t you?

cap hoodie legs2

6. I am still asking for, and will always request, a TELEPORTER. Why do I not have one of these yet??? If no one is going to give me superhero BAMF-ing ability, a la Nightcrawler, then I’m going to need one of these, stat. (Kirk and Spock are optional, but they would be appreciated and cared for.)


Teleporter. I mean it! I could go to and from conferences, with no air travel. Teleport on over to Ireland and Australia to visit family and friends, pop up to have coffee with Bad Girlz, appear at the movie theatre near Jeanette’s house because it’s way unfair that we don’t get to go to Marvel premiers together and then flail for hours (see: days) after. All of these very important uses, and it could probably bring about world peace as well.

7. Last, but not least on my list, I’d like these two in my stocking. 😀



What do you think of my list? Shall I put you down for any of the above? 🙂

I won’t blog again until next year, so to all our readers out there and bad girlz everywhere, have a wonderful holiday season and fabulous new year!

glitter toss

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