A Writer’s Wish List To Santa

In the spirit of the season, we’re doing a series we call A Bad Girlz Wish List. At first, I ran down my basic writer must haves: A great laptop, good editing software, reference books, etc., etc. But when I sat down to type, my heart led me in a different direction.

My true wish list this Christmas goes like this:

I wish that every writer reading this blog will, at some point in their careers, hit the best sellers list—many times over, even.

I wish for all writers to achieve every goal they’ve ever dreamed of as they put their lovely words on paper, hoping that one day the world will read and love them.

Are you listening Santa?

As writers, we dream. A LOT!!! We see things in our imaginations that aren’t there. Not only characters and make-believe lands, but we envision our futures and the accomplishments we hope to one day achieve. We dream that our careers will be so huge, we’ll need multiple assistants, and we’ll have millions of twitter followers. We dream of being so successful that everyone in the business will know our names. Sighs with optimistic anticipation!

It’s so easy in this industry to get discouraged because we’re always looking ahead, dreaming ahead, and we forget about the right now. What we’ve accomplished . . . right now.

Let me explain. If you’re like me, you probably find yourself in the company of other writers quite often. We’re with them at conferences, chapter meetings, retreats, or connecting with them through social media.  They’re the published multi-book authors, the just-signed-a-contract authors, the beginner authors that are still in the process of writing their first book—all levels of writer loveliness. We don’t like to admit this, but we are always comparing ourselves to them. We’re forever trying to achieve that next goal, and we should. We can’t sit around and wish for it; we have to work for it. However, this constant comparison can take its toll.

So I have one more wish I’d like to add to my list. I wish that each writer in our Bad Girlz realm would take just a moment and step away from all the other writers and look at their own “right now.” Take a minute and recognize what you’ve accomplished so far in your career. You. Just you. No one else.

You have written books  . . . Or a book . . . Or you’ve started writing a book. This is huge. Sure. In a room full of writers it’s normal, but to the rest of the universe, it’s a big deal. Please don’t ever forget this.

You should be proud of yourself. Don’t go into the New Year thinking of the things you didn’t get accomplished this year. Go in, ecstatic over the things you did.

Merry Christmas my sweet writers of the world! May Santa grant your every wish, including my wish for you!

See you on the best-sellers list.

Remember to Dream Big!

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