Let’s Make a Book Wreath

You know what this series on writer holiday wish lists needs? Ripped up books! That’s right, today, I’m going to show you how to tear your favorite book to shreds, and turn it into a lovely holiday wreath.


A book wreath makes a great gift for the writer, reader, or in my case, industry professional in your life. It’s a simple crafting project that requires a short list of supplies.

  • IMG_3241 Book
  • Clear tape
  • Stapler
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Compass
  • Cardboard or Foam Board
  • Embellishments for center
  • Ribbon
  • Lots of Patience LOL

Step 1: Pick out your book of choice and separate the pages from the binding. I’ve decided to rip apart my books to send to my agent and my editor because nothing says love like shredding a project they worked on and mailing it back to them for the holidays. *winks* Try to remove the pages as close to the spine as possible.IMG_3252

Step 2: Roll each page into a cone with the corner of the page pointing out to make a flower-like shape, and tape the cone together near the bottom. It takes approximately 100 cones to make a wreath, so start twirling that paper while watching your favorite television program or movie. It took me just under 2 hours to roll enough cones for a wreath.IMG_3218

Step 3: Staple each cone flat about one inch in from the bottom of the cone.IMG_3228

Step 4: Using your compass that you haven’t used since geometry class 25 years ago, draw a 4 inch diameter circle and an 8 inch diameter circle on your cardboard from the same center point. Then mark north, south, east and west with small ticks of your pen. Trim off the cardboard outside 14 inches. Hint: I used cardboard made for cake decorating so I wouldn’t have to cut anything.IMG_3227

Step 5: Glue the cones to the circle using your glue gun. Begin with the marks you made at each direction and fill in from there. Overlap the cones slightly so the cardboard isn’t visible. Start with the outer circle then move to the inner circle. Continue to the center point, tapering the cones to the middle of the wreath.IMG_3248IMG_3250

Step 6: Add any adornment of your choosing to the center of the wreath and a ribbon to the back so you can hang it, and admire your handy work.IMG_3246

Curl up with a good book, and when you’re done, turn it into something beautiful. Thank you to Rebecca Robeson and Jenna DeAngeles for this great idea.  What are you getting the book lover on your holiday shopping list?

Happy Holidays, Bad Girlz!

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