My Florida Christmas Wish List

It’s been almost eleven years since I first moved to North Carolina. I’ve put down roots, have a home and a wonderful little family, and life here is good. But at heart, I’ll always be a Florida girl. Most of my family is there, as are lots of my friends–or maybe it’s just the “sunshine, sea and plenty of weirdos” vibe that suits me best. Our holiday traditions have evolved into a duplicate affair: we do a simple early celebration here: small gifts and a special meal with just Hubby, Sunshine Boy, Leonidas, and me…and then, there’s Florida Christmas. It’s the best of both worlds, and I look forward to it every year.

Here’s what’s on my Florida Christmas Wish List:

The obvious things, of course: my parents, brother and sister in law, niece and nephew, and all the other wonderful family I don’t get to see nearly enough. The best part about Florida Christmas is that I’ll be sharing all of these things on my list with them!

1. Seeing more green than brown when I look outside my window. My view outside my house looks a lot like this:

winter yard

while my view outside my parents house looks more like this:

florida backyard

Don’t get me wrong, I like the change in seasons, crisp air, getting out my boots and shopping for coats, but winter can get a little bit…. long. Seeing lush greenery feeds my soul.

2. Oyster Roasts! There is nothing finer than fresh oysters steamed over an open flame. Sides? Hot sauce and butter–and beer and rowdy relatives, of course!

oyster roast

3. Oranges, grapefruits, and Meyer lemons, fresh off my mom’s trees. Did I mention my awesome cousin makes her own limoncello?

meyer lemons

4. Now, I won’t actually be getting in the water–I’m not a crazy person! But this is where I’ll be walking off all those Christmas cookies:

nsb boardwalk

5.Flip flops and a pedicure date. I only wish mine looked like these.

pedicure flip flops

Wherever and however you celebrate your holidays, I wish you all the fun of my Florida Christmas!

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