The Ghost of Christmas Past

If you’ve been following the blog this month, you’ll have read McGovy’s fabulously funny Christmas list, been amazed by Elizabeth Michel’s creative book wreath, and humbled by Lori’s heartfelt Christmas wish.

So how’s a girl on a tight and rapidly approaching deadline with little energy, no patience, and next to nil time to follow such awesomeness?

Naturally, by embarrassing herself. Because we all know laughter is a wonderful de-stresser and during the often harried and crazy holiday season, de-stressing goes a looonng way.

So, despite my earlier rant declaring I have no time, I seem to have  just enough time to dig through old pictures with my kids and laugh at my younger self.

Speaking of which, my kids especially loved the golden velour chair yours truly is chilling on for my first ever Christmas in good old 1979. Personally, I’m digging the silver tinsel strings on the tree and the over-the-top pudgy cheeks. Gah, I’m a sucker for baby cheeks.Fran Christmas 1979

Two years later, the cheeks have receded somewhat, but the questionably sour expression remains. I mean, really mom, are you sure that bath gel is good? It doesn’t look all that impressive. Ah, the refined tastes of 2 year olds.Fran Chrismas 1981

Apparently 1984 was THE year of presents. At least that’s what I think. The He-Man action figures beside me are a sure indication the year was the schniznit. Well, them (which were my brothers, I swear) , and the happy face I cheesed up for the camera. I mean, it had to have been an awesome Christmas. Too bad I don’t remember any of it.

Fran Christmas 1984


My polaroid shot is not nearly as cool as T Swizzle’s. It isn’t even from 1989 but 1991, the apex of my awkward gangling middle school years. Complete with creepy dolls and Barbie accessories. (Just to clarify, the doll was mine. The Barbies were not. And who remembers Quints, the dolls lying on the floor in front of me? Those were my sis’s too.)

Fran Christmas 1991


And last, but certainly not least, who could forget the first Christmas they spent as a newly-wed? I was 19. He was 19. And WE were poor college students with no money for gifts under the tree. But who needs gifts when you have your true love?  Fran Christmas 1998

Ok. I’m done embarrassing myself…for now.

May you and yours have a truly wonderful holiday season filled with love, and LOTS of laughter!


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