Refresh Your Writing Face with Agent Carter’s Classic Look

Writers are a privileged lot who admittedly and unapologetically go to work in their pajamas, often without a shower, and with little to no thought given to their appearance. It’s a job, my friends, and someone has to do it.

There are, however, occasions that warrant a bra to be worn, a comb to be tugged through the hair, and a bit of makeup to be applied–for promoting, networking, and marketing purposes, of course.

While doing my usual fangirling/twitter stalking, I came across an easy way to freshen up our writing faces for the aforementioned events with minimal makeup and effort, all while sporting a vintage look reminiscent of an honorary Bad Girl, Agent Peggy Carter.

Anyone can pull off this classic and easy look. ANY ONE. The trick is all in finding the correct shade of red for your pretty pout. Well, that, and having enough confidence to wear it out.

I can help with the makeup selection. I cannot help with the confidence. This is something you have to own. And own it you will, if you have the same fierce, determined, no-nonsense attitude as Agent Peggy Carter.


Exuding beauty, grace, and elegance, Agent Peggy Carter doesn’t let a small thing like a deadline get her down. She kicks tail and does it while looking HOT. Peggy’s classic look is appropriate for day or night, and is guaranteed to get you noticed–in all the right ways. Red lips demand attention, because as I said before, they take a measure of confidence to wear in public.

To achieve Peggy’s look, I gathered together makeup purchased mostly at the drugstore and featured in this video:


I used slight variations of her suggested products, opting to use what I had on hand over repurchasing, but kept things as close as possible.

I think the end result invokes the classic Peggy Carter look I was hoping to achieve.

Fran Agent Carter

Just remember agents–if your skin has cool undertones, select a red with cool undertones–these appear bluish or pinkish in the store. Cool toned people usually, but not always, possess a northern European heritage (Scandinavian, French, English, German, for example) .  Greeks, Spanish, Italian, Asian, and Latin American women (to name a few) will generally have a warm undertone to their skin. Their veins will appear green (vs the blue of a woman with a cool undertone) and have a yellowish (vs reddish/pinkish for the cool tones) hue to their skin. Warm undertones should select reds with warm undertones. These will appear almost orange in comparison to the cooler reds.

Of course, you could forgo my advice and be a real fan girl by picking up the exact same shade of lipstick Hayley Atwell aka Agent Carter, wears on the show. (Besame in Red Velvet)


Either way, be bold. Be daring. And make a statement with a new look this year!


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