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Without fail, this is the time of year I get a decorating itch. Or to clarify, my constant nagging decorating itch gets worse–I wonder if it has something to do with central heating and dry skin? There’s one complicating factor, though. My husband and I are serial renovators: suckers for houses that need love and help, the more outlandish the project, the more appealing it is. That means multiple projects going on at once, with end dates that feel more like suggested guidelines than actual deadlines. Between that and the latest décor trends in our house, such as the Hot Wheels Everywhere look, along with the always popular Area Rugs In Storage (AKA potty training a toddler without Pull-Ups), and a visual, creative spirit such as myself has just about had it. In a space like that, it’s hard to think, let alone write. Readers, take it from me: this is no way to live!

Over the past forever or so, I’ve been writing at the good ol’ kitchen table, the living room, or wherever. The patio is nice in summer. But now, it’s winter, and I’ve got a case of cabin fever. Clutter-toys-shit-cabin fever, specifically. Virginia Woolf was right, y’all—a woman needs a room of her own. My room isn’t really a room, but an alcove at the top of the stairs. Right now, it’s a pile of odds and ends from the previously mentioned ongoing projects. Once, it was workable, and so it shall be again. As of now, I’m planning, scheming, and plotting. Like storming the beaches of Normandy, I am taking back my writing space!

My ideal writing space would look something like this:

artsy office









I love the art, and the sleek, yet warm vibe and the pop of brightness with the yellow chair. However, the actual amount of space I have is closer to this:



office nook









Love the overhead shelf, bulletin board for inspiration/plotting, and cozy sheepskin throw. What I’ve got is a big window, great light, a cheerful pale lime/chartreuse color on the walls, a table and chair that will do, and an iffy wi-fi signal perfect for getting some actual writing done. Some storage is desperately needed…the shelf here is nice, but since I also want this nook to do double duty for sewing and crafts, I’m probably going to go with modular cubes (cue simultaneous heaven/hell experience, AKA a trip to IKEA).

A little bit of art on the walls…



weeki wachee posterbowie poster










And I’m good to go! If all else fails, I’ll get myself one of these babies, and you’ll find me in the yard.



mid mod shed 2







So tell me, where do you write? Do you have a space all your own? If you could design one, what are your must-haves?

Happy Writing,

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