Why the Hell NOT You?

Wow, it feels like forever since I last blogged last.  First, let me just say how excited I am for our new blog lineup!  I mean, seriously, have you checked these ladies out?  They are nothing short of dynamite, and I am truly honored to be blogging with them.  Every single one of them, both new and old less new (can you tell who has a birthday coming up?)  Our readers are in for a treat in the upcoming year!!

So, I’ve been a busy girl the past few months.  I quit a job, took a month off to write, and started a new job.  I made it through another compulsory season of gymnastics for one daughter and am heading toward another season this coming weekend for the second.  I fumbled through the chaos of the holidays and dug out last year’s New Year’s Resolution list, clenching my jaw as I changed the 4 to a 5.  Things were chugging along, business as usual, and 2015 was looking to be a repeat of 2014.

And then this happened…

Many of you know I am a HUGE Buckeye Fan, so this has been a very exciting couple of weeks for me.  And whether you like football or not, this season has an amazing story that we all can learn from.  So let me break it down for you…

A week before the season opened, we lost our Heisman Trophy hopeful quarterback to a shoulder injury.  Most fans will admit (myself included) they tossed 2014 out the window at that point.  But then something happened…our backup quarterback grew into his own and ALSO became a Heisman Trophy hopeful who would lead us to the Big 10 Championship.  Until he broke his ankle in the last regular game of the season against our rival Michigan.  Again, most fans tossed out the rest of the season.  But then, here comes the third string quarterback leading the team to a shut out win in the Big 10 Championship Game against Wisconsin and then onto the playoffs where they beat Alabama AND Oregon.

**Churns a little butter while humming the OSU fight song**

I swear there’s a point here.  I’m not just gloating…

For me this was more than just a football game – it was an omen promise that 2015 is going to be a kick ass year.  It wasn’t a perfect season by any means, but the Buckeyes found a way to overcome all the odds and shut a lot of people up who’d simply said it couldn’t be done.  And it taught me a very valuable lesson as well.  When the Buckeyes took the trophy home on Monday night, I crossed all the crap off my New Year’s Resolution list and replaced it with one single question…


No, seriously.  Why NOT me?  Why NOT you?  Why NOT anyone who has the determination and the will power to push through and beat the odds?

Why NOT?

I get it, I do.  It’s more comfortable to look at this as a long shot so that the failures don’t hurt so bad.  If you don’t expect much, you can’t be disappointed, right?  But don’t sell yourself short.  You are just as capable as the next guy.  You have your own little special talents and you have all the potential in the world at getting them discovered.  And you WILL get them discovered.  You will.  It’s not a question of IF, it’s a question of WHEN.  You might just be the third guy in line on the bench who winds up in the biggest game of the season and KICKS ASS!

That’s not to say it goes without hard work.  Maybe not blood and sweat (unless you’re into that sorta thing), but there are definitely going to be tears.  Lots of tears.  But as my daughter says, tears are just weaknesses leaving the body.  Let them go, look in the mirror, and ask yourself…

Why the hell NOT me?

Let’s ROCK 2015!

Jenna P

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