Let’s Renovate!!

Authorin’ books is hard work, y’all!

Add to that the responsibilities of everyday family life and you’re looking at one seriously stretched thin Bad Girl. But, even in the craziest of times, we have to stay sane, right? We have to take time to relax, be selfish and do something that’s just for us or we won’t be able to hold that other stuff together. Here on Bad Girlz Write, we’re talking about those selfish moments that have no purpose beyond our own happiness in a series called Guilty or Not Guilty.
I must admit, I…am guilty.


My 2015 To Do List:

January: Re-grade the backyard.
February: Fill in the gaps in décor in the living room.
March: Apply antiquing glaze to the kitchen cabinets.
April: Finish the porch on the back of the house into a sunroom.
May: Flowers, flowers, flowers, and build stone walls for raised beds on the side of the house.
June: Demo and rebuild stair rail and newel post in entryway.

The above list may look like work to most of you, but to me it’s my selfish guilty pleasure. The one thing that I do totally for myself is home renovation and decoration. I’m hopelessly addicted to places like Pier 1 and Homegoods. I scour the Pottery Barn catalog that comes in the mail for ideas. I’ve even been known to pause a movie to point out an architectural detail in the background. And, by the next week, I have plans to incorporate that detail into my house.

Some of you may know, I was an interior designer before I became a writer. I majored in design in college and worked mostly in corporate design before opening a residential and light commercial design business. I even married a general contractor. It’s sort of my thing. But, since I don’t do it professionally anymore, now I get to obsess over my house for fun—for me! *grins*

As a result, I see my house as a constant work in progress, and I’m always looking to improve things until it looks like a picture from Southern Living. *wistful sighs* A year and a half ago, we bought a foreclosure that had to be gutted…as in there were piles of rubble inside. True story—ask Heather McGovern, she saw said rubble. So I thought I would share a few of my ongoing projects.

My husband and I started work on the kitchen last June and we still aren’t quite finished with it…


The idea for the kitchen design began with a way to display my collection of antique copper cook wear.  Yes, I am a history geek and I collect antique copper. 🙂 


coffee bar

Who wants to come to my house for coffee served from my coffee bar?  This used to be an appliance garage with cabinet doors.  I like it better this way, but then, I like coffee too.


The backsplash over my stove is a mosaic made of smashed antique china. Someone’s grandmother rolled over in her grave, no doubt, but I try not to think about that.














The entry area has been my most recent project.  As you can see from the lack of draperies and sparse decor, it still isn’t done.

entry 5entry tableentry 4










Here are a few more random pictures from around my house–all of them a work in progress.


Yes, that is a vintage map of London on the wall above my sofa. And, my husband did almost kill me for making him dry set slate in a herringbone pattern around the fireplace.  Thanks for noticing the details. 😉


entry 3

It needs a centerpiece and a table cloth the color of merlot, yes? Yes.



This is the basement we finished in. It’s a break room for the offices / play room / whatever, it’s a room. LOL

And last but not least, the Monkey’s room.  His only request when we took on this crazy project of a house was orange walls in his bedroom…The canoe paddle window treatments, boat diagrams, and–according to the Monkey–“Dirty” life preserver from the HMS Unity were my idea.  LOL

monkey room

So, if you read in one of my books a lengthy description of a staircase or the décor of a room, it’s just me indulging in my love of design and staying sane in the craziness of life.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

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