Non-Guilty Guilty Pleasures

guilty_pleasure_definition_-_Google_SearchAs a rule, I don’t like the term “guilty pleasure.” Mostly because if it makes you happy, I don’t think you should feel guilty about it. Or ashamed of it. Those two One Direction songs on my iPod? Love them. Those Care Bear socks I wear? I rock the shit out of those. The hundreds of smutty books I read? If you stand around me long enough, I will tell you all about them. A lot of the things people seem to think of as guilty pleasures, I just see as pleasures.

Strappy_Mesh_Cheeky_Panty_-_Very_Sexy_-_Victoria_s_SecretAnd while I was trying to come up with a topic for this month’s blog post, I thought I didn’t have any guilty pleasures. And then I saw my very expensive face cream, and I tried to cram some more underoos in my over-flowing panty drawer, and I cleaned out my make-up stash, and it was an Ah-Ha! moment for me.

My guilty pleasure is spending money on myself. And I try not to feel guilty about it. Sometimes I succeed. Other times, not so much.

It took me a lot Chopin_Lace_Tee_-_anthropologie_comof years to get here. Part of that is probably financial security as much as it is wisdom (from my old age *snort*), but in the last couple of years, I finally got to the point where I realized it was okay to spend money on myself. And not only was it okay, but it’s nice.

Strivectin_Labs_Extreme_Cream_Ulta_com_-_Cosmetics__Fragrance__Salon_and_Beauty_GiftsThat jar of StriVectin Extreme Creme? I didn’t even flinch when I bought it. That Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation? I refuse to use anything else. Another pair of pretty panties? Don’t mind if I do. One more lace top from Anthropologie? I already have three, but yes, thank you!

Silk_Creme_Foundation_-_Laura_Mercier___SephoraAs women, I think a lot of times we put ourselves at the bottom of the totem pole. If you’re a wife, too, knock yourself down another notch. And a mom? Welp, tumble a little lower. I thought for a long time that I was better at this than I’d seen others be, but the truth is, it took me a lot (looooooootttttt) of years to get to a place where I’m okay spending money (and time) on myself. That’s not to say there isn’t guilt sometimes, because of course there is. But it’s few and far between now.

What’s the one thing you’d buy yourself no matter what? And if you’re not quite there yet, what would you love to buy for yourself? I’m an excellent enabler.

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