Guilty of Being Geeky

Do I have Guilty Pleasures? Sure, I do. Tons. Make up, food, getting my nails done, vodka…

But my REAL guilty pleasure is somewhat of a secret. Until now, that is.

Picture it: Detroit 1986.

I’m an eight-year-girl who loves to play school and office and secretary to the astro-physicist I will never become (I was a realist–even back then). My grandpa, who was manager of a paper company, always came home with awesome office supply samples.  Paper (of course), pens, pencils, stickers, post-its.

FullSizeRenderI treasured every neon pink index card and every company-branded pencil my grandpa brought home. (See, I still have one)

My addiction grew each August with the arrival of that beautiful business-sized envelope with my school’s logo in the upper left corner. The letter containing my teacher assignment and THE LIST. The list of spectacular school supplies to buy. My elated heart almost floated out of my chest.

The obsession didn’t stop, or even slow, in high school. Or College. Or when I joined the working world. As receptionist for an office of 25 financial planners, I was in charge of supply orders. Woo hoo!

As HR Manager at two different small companies, I was in charge of office supply orders – and had the power to buy whatever I wanted without approval! **insert evil laugh** Though, I always chose cost effective products because I’m a budget-friendly addict.

The addiction…the pleasure…the guilt…hasn’t stopped. I present this evidence:


Pens and pencils and Sharpies! OH MY!

So why did I feel the need to buy these:


They weren’t on sale.

I didn’t have a coupon.

If there’s an emergency and someone needs a ten pack of both fine point and precision point Sharpies – I’m your girl!


I’m guilty! Someone arrest me. It’s gone too far.

You don’t even want to see my collection of Post-its or multi-colored paperclips or hot pink staples or…


mypen-2<< For any other Kids In the Hall fans out there.

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