Guilty or Not, Treat Yo Self to a Ship!


I’m chuckling, because so many Bad Girlz have guilty pleasures that are productive. Heh. Heh heh. Heheheheheh. My guilty pleasures are not productive and I have even more than I originally thought. I had to cull the list down to the one thing I thought encompassed a few of my favorite past times. My biggest guilty pleasure, that I don’t feel guilty about at all is:


shipping ships

No, I don’t mean like FedEx or even cruise ships (though I do love those too). I’m talking about shipping people, as in relationships. Shipping something means actively imagining and desiring a relationship between two individuals – or three or four, or it could be one character you could imagine in a relationship with several different people, separately. Anyway, thinking about and imagining these relationships between these people makes you SO happy. You follow?

an armada

These people can be in books, television, movies, comic books – hell, I even ship the real life duo who works together at my local coffee shop. If two people have chemistry, I’m going to ship them. I’m not biased toward gender, age or race. Multi-racial, LGBT, whatever – it’s  about the dynamic between the people.

I ship everything from Mr. Carson and Ms. Hughes on Downton Abbey (seriously, how adorable are they???) to a couple of cartoon characters on Teen Titans Go! I don’t watch Sleepy Hollow, but if I did, I’d probably ship Ichabod and Abbie because I can feel their chemistry just in the commercials. I don’t have to have a ship to love a TV show or movie, but if there’s an undeniable spark between two characters, then my shipping becomes more of a compulsion than a guilty pleasure. I can’t not ship.

As far back as I can remember, I shipped. I was definitely on the Moonlighting ship. Remember them? Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd? They had it and I ate it up, even as a kid. My next biggie was Mulder and Scully on X-files. Ohhhhh, Mulder and Scully. *happy sigh*

mulder scully

Shipping the pairs above is no accident or leap of sanity. Those shows worked because the characters, and the actors had chemistry. I’m sure there were people who didn’t want them in a relationship together, but I don’t understand those people.

I also ship the same person with a couple of different people, depending on the circumstance. X-Men comic book Rogue, I shipped with Gambit.


Movie X-Men Rogue, I couldn’t help but ship with Wolverine. I know, I know, she was a high schooler and he’s like a hundred years old, but she would’ve grown up eventually and Logan lives forever. They understood each other, they took care of each other while still challenging one another, and they had mad chemistry and tension. I’m telling you, if X-Men 3 would’ve been at all a decent movie, things would’ve worked out for them. Wanna fight about it?

In my years of shipping, I’ve only recently realized I have a favorite type. It happens to be a popular romance trope: the friends (or co-workers) to lovers relationship – with two people who are very different, and manage to challenge one another while becoming almost symbiotic. X-Files, Star Trek, my many, many Marvel comic book and movie ships. This realization led me to consider the characters I write. What’s my favorite kind of ship? I write a lot about people thrown into circumstances together, and it often includes working toward a common goal. This is no coincidence. I write what I love and love what I write.

So maybe my guilty pleasure isn’t so unproductive after all. Shipping is good fun, but what if it also counts as romance writing research? Do you ship? If so, what are you faves or you favorite types?

Meanwhile, I’ll just leave these here…



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