Guilty/Take 1

When I was told we’d be writing about our guilty pleasures, I knew instantly what I’d write about—Classic movies! Let me clarify: My addiction to watching classic movies. 1930s, romantic comedies are my drug of choice. Why would I feel guilty about watching movies from such a wonderful time in Hollywood, you may ask?

Well . . .

Often on the classic movie channel, they will have a movie marathon in honor of a star’s birthday. Twenty-four hours of—fill in the star of choice here. This is where the guilt comes in. If it’s a Cary Grant, Melvyn Douglas, or Claudette Colbert day, I’m in trouble. My little addiction takes over. I promise myself I’ll only watch one or two, but if it’s one romantic comedy after another, I can’t stop watching. I fall into a silver-screen coma and before I know it, I’ve lost an entire day.

In my defense, there’s so much to love about the classics. I believe classic stands for more than a time period. I believe it stands for the class and elegance that transcended with the movies from this era. Not only do I admire the talented screen-writing, but the vast productions as well.


Let’s start with the gowns. Oh the beautiful gowns.


Then there are the hats!


Of course, there’s the dancing.


And can we talk about the handsome actors for a minute?

Double-breasted suits! Tuxedos! Fedoras!

Maybe these men are in a class of their own. My 1930s hero would never consider calling his head-strong leading lady the b-word, even if she was one. Such an ugly word would by no means cross such regal lips.




Don’t get me started on the historic homes.


I can’t explain it, but these old movies bring new life within my heart. I truly love them.

I suppose I could tell you, I’ll try to do better with my classic-Hollywood-cinema addiction, but let’s be honest: If it’s a Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire day, I’ll be ignoring all calls and emails. 🙂

So there you have it. My guilty pleasure!

Hmmm . . . Maybe now that I’m also writing screenplays, I can use the research excuse. Yes! Let’s do that. 🙂

Are you a classic fanatic too? I’d love to hear about it.

Remember to Dream Big!

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