My Guilty Pleasure? Girls’ Weekend

So, I’m supposed to admit to a guilty or non-guilty pleasure. Here’s the thing, my guilty pleasure should be a non-guilty pleasure. It’s taking time to hang out with friends. In my case, it’s heading out for a weekend with my college girlfriends.

Like lots of us out there, I struggle with balance. And, while I am (finally) making some money, I’m certainly not the primary bread-winner in our family. I have two kids and a husband who require things like clean laundry and food. My son has soccer games every weekend, and it’s tough for my daughter to get dragged everywhere.

Yet, even with as the guilt sets in, I make sure I make time for one weekend get-together a year. The number varies, but we have a solid seven women who come. Together we’ve gone through fun times like births and marriages, and tough times like cancer and divorce. Even though we are scattered throughout the southeast—no one is allowed to move north of the Mason-Dixon or west of the Mississippi (I’m looking at you Jenny!)—everyone makes our weekends together a priority.Tuplets_2015

Sometimes we take the town by storm. One year we toured the Jack Daniels distillery and schooled a bunch of pre-teens rollerskating. Last weekend was our annual get-together. We rented a cabin in Middle Tennessee and never left. We ate lots of junk (someone made chicken wings at 9AM!?) offset with a little bit of fruit. We drank lots of wine and whiskey. We played games. Mostly, though we talked. Talked about the pressures of working, the go-go-go of our lives, our health problems, our families, world events. But, most importantly, we laughed—a lot. Until our stomachs and cheeks hurt.

I wouldn’t call our weekends restful. We don’t get much sleep. But, the weekends are revitalizing in other ways. And, necessary. They always end with lots of stalling and breakfast/lunch and a final picture at Cracker Barrel… Look at those lovely ladies!

My writer lunches are a non-guilty pleasure. In fact, I might be on one as you read this! Writer friends understand the craziness of this business and talk me off the ledge when necessary. And, I return the favor.

Whether you need time with your high school friends, or college friends, or writer friends, it’s important. It lets you know that you are not alone! With guilt or without, I urge you to enjoy your friends!

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