My Mid-Mod Madness

For my take on the guilty pleasures theme, I don’t see it as a truly guilty thing: I own them wholeheartedly! I guess a guilty pleasure is something I spend inordinate amounts of time obsessing over. That really makes it hard to pick just one, though. Hell, I could fill volumes about New Order and nail polish alone! But, since I don’t want this post to bleed over into next week, I’m settling on the most unifying focus of my obsessions: mid-century modern style clothes hair furniture decor cocktails everything architecture. Not that any of this is a surprise to those who know me or read me.

I couldn’t say why I’m so engrossed in a particular building style, but I am. It grabs at something deep in my being….you know, just like New Order’s music does. My grandparents lived in a ranch with a soaring A-frame great room when I was little, so I guess it took hold before I was even aware of such things. Y’all, I’ve actually cried in the presence of beamed ceilings and floor to ceiling windows before. Still question my devotion? Here’s just a tiny sample of proof:


mid mod florida brochure1. I get seriously worked up over lack of time machines in real life. Not to change or participate in major historical events, but for the shopping and real estate. Seriously, I’d figure out a way to build one myself if it meant I could get a sweet deal on one of these puppies. Isn’t the islander 3 cute as a boat full of poodles in yachtsman hats?


mid mod scale model

2. This beauty is actually a scale model. Can you believe it? Who knows how much time it took to build? And now I want to do one, too.


screen blocks

3. Notice the awesome decorative breeze blocks on the model carport? Yeah, I’m really obsessed with those. I have a Pinterest board devoted to them. Other people actually follow this board, so that makes it not weird. Because life is unfair, I don’t have any of these in my own house (yet). If you don’t live in SW Florida or Palm Springs, good luck trying to buy some new, though. In a testament to his awesomeness, my Hubs found a vintage mold on eBay and guess who got it for Christmas? That’s right, another insane home project is in my future!




4. We’re going to Myrtle Beach, and this is the hotel where we’re staying. It’s kind of a dive now, and I don’t care. What it does have, besides the gorgeous entrance, is a serious load of gorgeous breeze blocks. Be sure to check in with me on Pinterest for the close-ups!






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