I’m on vacation this week. Not any place warm or exciting like Florida or Hawaii. Nope, I’m in Fargo, ND as I type this post, looking out at brown grass and bare trees. Even if I’m not sunning myself in 80 degree weather, I am still on vacation time, which means I’m deplugging. And as I was sitting here racking my brain to think of a post, I realized that if there’s any time to do something fun, it was now. 

And so I give you: Pinteresting. Yes, it’s a verb.

Now, I’ve been Pinteresting in my personal life for several years. I’ve amassed something like 8,000 pins, all categorized obsessively. I use it for birthday party planning and recipe hoarding and gift making ideas and holiday decorating. But I don’t use any of those professionally.

Oh, no.

Professionally, I use boards that look like this:

hero inspirationAnd this:

hero inspiration 2Annnnnnnd this:

hero inspiration 3This whole authoring thing…it’s a tough life I lead. It really, really is.

But in all seriousness, Pinterest is a goldmine for authors. Yes, I have a board titled Hero Inspiration that is brimming with delicious hotties to feed my eyeballs. But I also have boards for Heroine Inspiration. Couple Inspiration. Places & Spaces. Not to mention boards for each of my books.

See, I’m a planner (shocking, I know). And as such, I like to be able to have a place where I can shove any/everything pertaining to my books (past, present, or future), so I can reference it at any time. Plus, it helps me while writing. Whenever I’m blocked on a certain scene, I like to pop over to Pinterest and look at pictures of who I’ve envisioned as my hero or heroine. Or I like to look at the snippets I’ve got on the Couples Picspiration board. Or I like to browse and see what others are pinning. Maybe I’ll come across some totally random, but totally perfect link, and it gets me out of my funk.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I think I have some Hero Inspiration studying to do… I am on vacation, after all.

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