Tanya Celebrates the Release of her Blaze Debut

As experienced as I am, it feels like my first time all over again.

Er, perhaps I should clarify–I’ve published many books, but Good with His Hands is my first hot contemporary romance for Harlequin Blaze. I…may have done an undignified happy dance when I spotted it on the rack at a local bookstore last Friday. I couldn’t help myself–this book was so much fun to write and I’m excited to share it with readers. (Besides, the chances of me being dignified are, well, nonexistent.)


The heroine, jilted bride-to-be Dani Yates, is feisty. On why she grew up wanting to be a fairy-godmother rather than a princess: “Princesses hid out with dwarves or in towers–or, worse, in comas. Fairy godmothers get shit done.”

The hero, construction supervisor Sean, is sexy: He crossed his arms over his chest, giving her a great view of corded forearms, and grinned. “I’m not a workaholic…but I don’t stop until the job’s done to everyone’s mutual satisfaction.”

And the book is funny. One lovely reader made my year by posting to my FB page that she laughed more in the first 50 pages than she did in the past half a dozen books she’s read put together. Writing a plot for the Wrong Bed miniseries allowed me to use my love of a Shakespearean romantic-comedy device: mistaken identity. (Not that he invented mistaken identity, but catching plays at Atlanta’s Shakespeare Tavern is one of my favorite ways to spend Girls’ Night Out.)

Dani has been dumped before her wedding. She thought she’d made her peace with that, but to add insult to injury, her ex elopes with someone else. Coming up on the day of her would-be wedding, Dani is the recipient of lots of well-meaning pity texts and people calling to check on her. Rather than wallow, she impulsively decides to celebrate her newfound freedom by hitting on Bryce Grayson, the hot architect who works in her building. How was she supposed to know Bryce had an identical twin?

If you like mistaken identity plots–or simply enjoy funny, sexy stories–I hope you’ll check out Good with His Hands. It’s on bookstore shelves, as well as available through online retailers like Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Happy reading!

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