Oldies but Goodies

For many, many years, a huge percentage of every day was dedicated to my pursuit of getting and staying published. And that’s still true to a certain extent. You have to write, edit, write, edit, research, write, edit…well, you get the idea…to make writing a career. But sometimes you look up and realize that you’ve let things go that you once enjoyed. After all, there isn’t much time for hobbies when you’re a writer. At least there’s the danger of letting writing become all-consuming.

Don’t get me wrong. I like being a writer, having my books go off into the world to hopefully entertain readers. But sometimes my brain just needs a break. TV and reading for pleasure are common ways of doing this, but every once in a blue moon I’ll pull out something really old school, things I’ve been doing since I was a little kid. I still get a little thrill from a new box of crayons and a brand new coloring book. And I’m evidently not the only one. Recently, coloring books for adults and how adults are rediscovering coloring as a stress reliever have been making headlines. Check out this story from NBC Nightly News.

P1030562And another oldie but goodie — not to mention something that keeps the mind active — is putting together a puzzle. In fact, I just finished one tonight, a beautiful Disney one called “A Rose for Minnie,” part of the Expressions line of Disney puzzles. I hadn’t done a puzzle in a long time, and it was fun rediscovering how much I like it.

If all my board games weren’t packed up and ready to move after we sell our house, I might feel the need to host a board game party with friends. I love a good game of Monopoly, Scrabble, Dominoes or any number of other games.

What about you? Are there things you did as a kid that you like to revisit? How do you most love refilling the well when you feel it running dry?

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