The Truth Hurts!

When I was told our series was going to be discussing safeguarding the emotional aspects of writing, my first response was—YIKES! You want me to reveal my sensitive secrets to the Bad Girl world? Then I thought, why not. We started this blog to help and encourage fellow writers, and if my experiences (even the negative ones) can do that, I’m in.

I applaud the Bad Girlz that have told their stories before me. Trust me, it’s hard to expose our vulnerabilities for all to read.

I guess for me, my biggest struggle is keeping my emotions positive. It’s easy to let my “feelings” get in the way of my future. Negative feelings! It’s as if I have this dark cloud of woe is me that lingers over my head, dumping buckets of pessimism all around me. This is something I battle, almost daily.

Fear—I am scared to death with every passing day that I may never be published.

How’s that for honesty?

Worry—I worry so much, I worry about how much I worry. I have lots of writerly  worries too. What if they don’t like my writing? What if they do and I can’t keep up with deadlines. What if my plots aren’t strong enough, what if . . . etc, etc?

The Worry Queen at your service.


Doubt— Every time I read a good book, I doubt my own abilities. Those authors have so much talent. I’ll never be able to compete with them.

Failure—Failure is the worst of them all. What if I fail? If I fail, I let down everyone who has ever believed in me.

So, what am I to do about this storm of negative emotions that constantly threatens my sanity? How do I safeguard myself and my writing from these feelings? It’s simple really. I can choose to think positive thoughts instead.

Hope—What’s life without hope? Hope for better things to come.

Faith—I know I can do this if I keep trying. Keep writing.

Strength—A must have in this business and in life actually. We all have it, but sometimes we forget that we do.

Determination—When I was a little girl, my father would tell me all the time that I was hardheaded. Well if you ask me, that’s not such a bad thing. I will never give up on my writing even if my only readers turn out to be my friends and family.

Characters constantly introduce themselves to me and beg me to write their stories. I see their faces and hear their voices. The scenes of their lives play out clearly in my mind as if I’m standing there with them. I truly don’t believe this happens for everyone, and I feel blessed that it happens to me.

I’m a story-teller through and through, and I will not let my own negative feelings stand in the way of my success.

Now that I’ve shamefully admitted my weaknesses, let me leave you with this. Emotions can play havoc on a career, teetering back and forth between belief and sabotage. Choose your thoughts wisely. Clearly, I still struggle with this myself, but I promise I will prevail. I’m hardheaded, remember? 🙂

If you are struggling too, I’m here to listen.

Remember to Dream Big!

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