I don’t have a magic answer that anyone hasn’t already posted on how to keep emotions in check in this business. Mostly because I still haven’t mastered it.

If you’re like me, you started out as a nervous wreck trying to write the best novel you could. Polishing it until (you thought) it shone. And wishing on every twinkling star in this galaxy–and the next–that you’d be published someday.

The negativity rolls in. The negative thoughts inside your own head. The negative reviews.

A few days ago, my first book was released into the world via Netgalley. Like any new author, I looked at the initial reviews. And (of course), I saw a bad review. Actually, I scoured for a bad review. I skipped every good review just to get to a bad one. And then I got upset. I whined. I vented.

Then I stopped and put it in perspective. I’m fricking whining about a book review…while hundreds of thousands of people watch loved ones die of horrible diseases every day. Children go missing every day. People starve every day. Some kind of natural disaster or freak accident devastates an area every dy. People live with war and violence in the streets every day.

And I sit here in my warm home, getting ready to drive my perfectly healthy kids to school in my dependable car, getting depressed over someone’s opinion of my book.

Now, I’m not saying authors don’t have the right to wallow for a few, but we have the privilege of getting over it. And I know I took negativity to the extreme in my examples, but the truth is, a bad review is nothing compared to what some people are going through every day.

So my advice, as depressing as my delivery was, is to keep things in Perspective. Keep working hard. Keep doing what you love to do. Keep learning your craft. Don’t focus on the negative, because, honestly, in the grand scheme of life, it doesn’t matter.

Make your kids giggle. Snuggle your pets. Go see your 89 year old grandpa (oh, that’s me). Be positive. Be kind. Brush it off. You deserve it.

Sophia Henry writes Heartfelt Flirty Fiction featuring hot, hockey-playing heroes. DELAYED PENALTY and POWER PLAY, the first two books in the Pilots Hockey series from Random House Flirt, are available now at all major e-book retailers.

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