Is there anyone out there? (I can actually hear my voice echoing back:) Many, many romance writers headed to New York City this week for the annual Romance Writer’s Convention. But, not me. Wah! I’m consoling myself with the fact I released my second book this week.

CAUGHT UP IN THE TOUCH is out in the wild and available for your eyeballs! I’m especially proud of this book because it has garnered some really great reviews. It received RT Book Reviews TOP PICK and a Caught-Up-in-the-Touch-by-Laura-Trentham-300x433STARRED review in the Library Journal.

“The electrifying chemistry and sassy banter between her protagonists is decidedly fun, but their clumsier, awkward moments are perhaps a bit more endearing, adding a sweet note to this all-around success.” — RT Book Reviews, 4 1/2 star TOP PICK

“Reliable characters coupled with passionate and genuine love scenes complete the package.” — Library Journal STARRED review

“It’s funny and touching and sexy and irresistible. I loved every single minute of this book!” — Romantic Reads and Such

“Caught Up in the Touch steals my heart!” — Romancing Life book blog

Have I sold you yet with my shameless marketing? How about a short excerpt?

They didn’t talk on the short drive to Lilliana’s. He turned the truck off but made no move to get out. Neither did she. Instead, they turned toward each other, still in-sync, their fingers twining. He dropped a kiss on her temple. “I don’t suppose you’d let me smooze with you a little?”

She darted her eyes around the truck cab. “Here? You could come in. We are adults.” She craned her neck to look to the side of the house. “And, I don’t see Lilliana’s SUV.”

He circled his hands around her rib cage, a couple inches shy of her breasts. His breathing turned shallow. “I can’t wait that long. I’ve been dying to kiss you again. Dying, baby.”

“Can you die from sexual frustration?” she teased.

“I don’t know, but I heard-tell you can go blind from too much masturbating. Thanks to you, I already need glasses.”

“Logan, you are so bad.” Her laugh was one of scandalized amusement.

He hummed and nuzzled under her ear. Goose bumps broke over her arms. He moved his hands closer to her breasts. She squirmed and arched toward him. Satisfaction twisted his guts. She was as hot for him as he was for her.

“What do you want?” He hoped she didn’t recognize the thread of desperation in his voice. While the context was sexual, what he really wanted to know was where their flirtation was headed.

“I want”—her eyes closed, and she inhaled slow and deep—“a kiss.”

“That’s all?” Again, he was after more than a sexual answer.

She kept her eyes closed, her answer vague and dreamy. “I don’t know.”

He’d never had to broach the subject of getting serious with a woman. Either the woman brought it up, sending him backpedaling, or they were both in it for fun. He had no idea where he stood with Jessica. The only thing he was sure of right now was that she was in his truck and wanted a kiss.

His lips touched hers with a promise he couldn’t put into words. He would be patient. If things stayed uncertain, then he would enjoy her in any way he could, but he’d lay in wait for a signal she wanted more than sex.

The kiss deepened naturally, and her hands slid around his neck, a soft needy noise coming from her throat. He heeded the call, skimming his hand from her waist to the underside of her breast.

“Yes,” she hissed against his mouth.

He smiled against her lips, liking it when her assertive nature edged into their private moments. Would her passion or her logic dominate in the bedroom?

He cupped her breast, his thumb stroking her nipple. It came to attention beneath the layers of fabric.

“Let’s take this inside,” she whispered, skimming her lips along his jaw. She nipped at his earlobe, and pleasure suffused his body. Yet, he hesitated.

Was the bedroom the final destination or a pit stop? He definitely got the irony of the situation. He was worried she wanted only sex, and if he gave her what she wanted, would she lose interest. For the first time, this wasn’t fun and games for him. It felt more like life or death.

Headlights flashing through the cab saved him from choosing between the call of his heart or his body. “We’d better make it another time and place, darlin’”

She looked out the back of the cab. “It’s Lilliana. I guess I’ll see you at Adaline’s?”

She scooted away, but he grabbed her wrist and leaned in for one last too-brief kiss. He watched Jessica and Lilliana walk into the house together, his body screaming in frustration and his heart cramping with longing.


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Happy reading!

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