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I’m friends with a lot of writers – as I’m sure everyone reading this is!

Sometimes I get this weird feeling of an invisible spider crawling up my neck. And it always comes along when people start hating on someone’s chosen path to publication. I don’t want any part of that hate. I want everyone to be successful, no matter which route they chose. Traditional, Indie, Self, Hybrid, Fan Fiction, writing notes on the back of a napkin…

Woo hoo! Confetti Cannon!

Why does the creepy little spider need to come out at all? Why can’t we just be happy for the choice another person has made? Why do we have to belittle or give backhanded compliments? Why do we have to trash each other? The business of writing is difficult – no matter which path you chose. You have to do what’s best for you – no apologies.

My brain works in encouragement. It works in everyone being kind to each other. It works in building each other up, because there are so many ways that life can tear us down. I support my fellow writers. And I’m lucky to have a very supportive network of friends – writers and readers.

But what is success?

Is success getting signed by an agent? A traditional publisher? A small press? Self Publishing?

Is success amount of money made? Or number of books sold? Or making a Best Seller list?

Ask ten people and you may get ten different answers.

Here’s the good news: We can all be successful, because we all measure success differently. And hopefully – our measure of success is constantly changing.  (Mine sure has).

Someone else’s failure does not mean I will be a success – and vice versa. So there’s no reason to hate on others for the path they chose and the success they have, is there?

I love this Neil Gaiman quote, because seriously, if you put out the story in your head, in your voice, no one can say you aren’t a success. Because YOU DID IT!

Neil Gaiman Quote

Oscar Wilde, one of my all-time favorite authors, once said:  “Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.”

Be you. Live your life. Write your words. Be kind. Don’t worry about anyone else’s decisions. Give high fives and encouragement. It’s not gonna hurt. In fact, you may find yourself in the good graces of fellow authors who’s support may help take your career to the next level.

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