Writer Church


A quick photo with Jude Deveraux after the luncheon

This year during the RWA 2015 Librarians’ Luncheon, I put a new name to an old feeling: writer church. Jude Deveraux wasn’t telling us how to be a better writer. She didn’t even have an altar call, although I might’ve gone down if she did and I doubt I would’ve been alone. No, she told us about her trials and tribulations in writing a story based on Pride and Prejudice. I saw a lot of nodding heads.


Jennifer Crusie, after her workshop on turning points

Later in the conference, I had the pleasure of hearing Jennifer Crusie. I’d never heard her speak before, but it felt as though my atrophied English major muscles were reaching out to her PowerPoint perfection. Once again, writer church.

But writer church isn’t just about the preaching. It’s also about the fellowship.


The view from my side of the table–alas, I did not have truffles to throw #fail


The fabulous Kimberly Kincaid–poor dear will often be stuck next to me, I’m afraid

On Wednesday I got to have my first Readers for Life Literacy Autographing. It was only my second group signing, but I kinda loved it. Thanks to years of observation, I didn’t expect to sell a case of books, but I sold a few. More importantly, I thoroughly enjoyed the camaraderie. Kimberly Kincaid and I held it down for the Ks then did the same at the Kensington signing the next day. I then had a great time at the Kensington party, and my only regret is that all of those pictures came out either dark or blurry.

On Friday, I got to be Tanya’s plus one, and you can see we met up with fellow Bad Girl, Brighton. That was quite a party. Maybe we didn’t brainstorm or do anything writerly, but those parties are still important. The writing profession is a roller coaster ride of highs and lows. Celebrating each milestone helps us keep going.


Selfie with Tanya Michaels and Brighton Walsh

Criticism Workshop

Post-workshop ladies ready to go conquer all of the constructive–and not so constructive–criticism

On Saturday, Tanya and I gave our workshop. I’m hoping we gave a little bit of church to the folks who attended. I have no illusions of being one of the heavy hitters, but, over the years, I’ve learned that all of those little workshop granules collected over the years add up to my being a better writer. I’d settle for dispensing a granule to someone.


Nora Roberts is a boss

Just for fun, here’s a picture of me with Nora Roberts. I like to soak up a little of her aura when I can. Also meeting her reminds me of my lax discipline, and I keep trying to get a little better about that each year.

Any questions about Nationals this year? Or about conferences in general? Any speakers I particularly need to be on the lookout for? Even as I write this I’m still in the post-conference fog. Pretty sure I’d have a cold, too, if not for Tanya’s insistence that I take my daily Airborne.

FullSizeRender (1)

I go away for a few days, and the Mister decides to be a pirate complete with nontraditional shoulder pet

Oh, and while you think on those questions, here’s what was happening back at the Ponderosa…

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