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Laura here, jumping in quickly to introduce Madeline Martin, author of smoking hot Scottish historicals! Not only is Madeline a talented writer, but she loves to give back. Her website is chock-full of great marketing information for authors, and she hosts a Free Book Friday on her Facebook author page each week for readers! Make sure you check out all her links at the end of the post (including buy links:) With no further ado, I’ll let Madeline take it away and tell us why she and her heroine Mariel are BadGirlz…


If there’s any one thing I never thought I’d learn writing romance, it would be how to be a badass. That is until I wrote Mariel Brandon.

Mariel Brandon is the heroine in Deception of a Highlander – an English spy whose parents succumbed to the plague and left her the sole caregiver of her young brother, Jack. They lived on the streets until Jack fell ill, then she was forced to accept help from a stranger and unknowingly thrust herself into the clutches of London’s dark underlord. In order to keep her brother alive, she was not only forced to spy, but also eventually act as an assassin if she can’t obtain the information she needs from Scottish laird, Kieran MacDonald.

Writing Mariel was complicated. I had to make her relatable and I had to make her tough. Imagining her emotional turmoil was all too easy with my too active imagination, but those fight scenes were proving a little difficult. So, I decided to try my hand at martial arts.

GloveNBookPicI’d love to say I just walked in, found my niche and went from writer to badass in a matter of days, but that’s not how it worked. Not even close, actually.

I signed up for Tae Kwon Do and was all excited that first day in my white ankle-skimming pajama like karate outfit thing (not the technical name – also it’s not NEARLY as comfortable as it looks cuz it’s all scratchy and not made for freakishly long limbed people). Not only was I the white belt in the class, I was also the only adult. And those kids were ruthless. Let’s just say I came away with a couple bruises and a dinged up sense of pride. Sidebar – it’s a good thing the nun chucks were blue Styrofoam because I may or may not have clocked myself in the noggin a few times.

But blue Styrofoam nun chucks and getting my butt kicked by ten year olds wasn’t exactly badass.

I think the owner of the place had pity on me because he kept suggesting I take the Krav Maga self defense class. I’m one of those stubborn people who sticks with an idea once it’s lodged into my head, so I kept refusing and kept subjecting myself to elementary school beatings. Because, hey, it had to get better right?

It didn’t.

Then one day, all these men came into the class. And when I say men, I mean like the tall, good looking, ripped kind of men. I shot a WTF look to the owner and mouthed “What are they here for?” He smirked in that I-told-you-so kind of way and said, “Krav Maga self defense class.”

Guess what I started taking? FeelinTough

My first day of Krav Maga, I learned how to get out of  a chokehold on the ground by grabbing a man by his head with my knees, throwing him to the floor, breaking his nose with my heel, standing up while snapping his shoulder out of joint and being ready to fight some more. Badass. I kept up with that class for the duration of writing Deception of a Highlander and truly enjoyed the experience.

I just signed another three book deal for my next series, The Broken Dolls, where noblewomen who fall from society’s good graces are swept into an underground organization of all female spies. I’m thinking I need to go back to Krav Maga and dig a little deeper into my inner badass.

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