Great, Awful, Repeat!

writer picBad Girlz Series: My best and worst day as a writer.

Trying to narrow down my worst day as a writer is like picking out my worst dental experience–too many to choose!

It was a terrible day when I received my first rejection notice from a contest I’d entered.  Reading over the judge’s comments, “Was your hero trying to be romantic, because he came across as gross?” Inner me, “Thanks. Way to sugar-coat it there, contest judge.”  Painful, so painful.   Anyway, similar emotions and looming doubts resurfaced with my following rejections.

Also, there was the time my dream agent played with my emotions for two long weeks, teasing me with the hope of representation and concluding with, “I think this will be a hard first sell. Write another book and send me that one.” Devastating things to hear as a writer and to your own personal confidence.  It was a grab the tissues and crawl into the bed kind of day!

Reflecting back, I, as have many writers, have experienced several bad days, but somehow we carry on in hopes that our patience and talent will eventually be rewarded!

In contrast, there have been so many good days also. For example, going to my first RWA Writers Conference with Syd and Jenna P. and having Nora Roberts tell us, “The ones that make it in this business are the ones that never give up. So don’t give up.”  Then there was the time I met these fabulous writers, became fast friends, and started a blog called Bad Girlz Write. 🙂 I can’t even count how many awesome days we’ve spent together since then.

My first contest win was a pretty special day.

And I was sure the day I was offered my contract would go down in history as my very best day, but then I held my book in my hands for the first time. That was an unbelievable Day! Best days also occurred when I saw the glimmer of pride in my husband’s eyes as he showed my book to his best friend and when my daughter told me she fell in love with my hero and wants to meet a guy just like him. 🙂

All great days!

Unfortunately, the thing about these good and bad days is that you don’t reach the good days, and then get to send the bad days packing. Nope. Not how it works.

There will always be this back and forth of emotions, from misery to elation and everything in between, FOREVER AND EVER as a writer.  So my wonderful Bad Girlz of the world, if you happen to be having one of these very bad days, hang in there. Tomorrow may just be your best day ever!!!!

Have you had similar experiences? I’d love to talk about them.

Remember to Dream Big!

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