Awesome Gifts for Writerly Peeps

I love when I have a blog post during this time of year, because that means I get to go virtual shopping! It’s still early enough where you can sneak this list where your significant other will find it or—and I like this option, personally—you can just buy whatever you want for yourself.

Without further ado, I give you AWESOME GIFTS FOR WRITERLY PEEPS.

  1. Heated fingerless gloves. It doesn’t matter if I’m in the warmest room of the house, parked in front of a space heater, and buried under seventeen blankets, my hands are still like icicles. I actually own these gloves, and they do get super warm. Bonus? They’re soft and fuzzy.
  1. Blank pages for all your brilliance. Whether it’s this one for a to-do list, or this one to keep track of random notes, or this one for when those brilliant ideas inevitably come to you while in the shower, you’re covered.
  1. Writer inspired jewelry. Is there anything better than Etsy? No, no there is not. In the mood for some earrings, a bracelet, or a necklace? (Or two or three or four necklaces—full disclosure, I make that pretty little sucker!) You can pretty much find anything in this treasure trove of handmade goodies.
  1. A coffee/tea/alcohol-of-choice mug. Writers need a little boost in the morning. Most of us are coffee drinkers; however as one of the few who hates the black stuff, I’m here to tell you one of these babies will work just fine for hot chocolate, chai tea, or some straight up RumChata. (Hey, a writer has to do what a writer has to do.)
  1. USB_Typewriter___electric_type_writer__typewriters___UncommonGoodsThis glorious, glorious thing. I have been drooling over this for years. And, really, my obsession with it is stupid because I have a lovely MacBook that I write everything on, but there’s just something about typing on an old fashioned typewriter…or what passes for an old fashioned typewriter in 2015. And, well, if you have almost a thousand bucks to blow, I say you should blow it on this.

Did I miss anything awesome? Something on your writer wishlist? Share in the comments!

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