It All Comes Back to Twilight

Almost eight years ago (whoa…when did I get old?), I was heading to Dallas for a girls’ weekend with some fellow photographer friends. (Do you see a trend here? No matter my occupation, I find ways to write off girls’ weekends, be it photography or writing retreats…) Two of the girls kept going on and on about this awesome book I had to read and how ahmayyyyyzing Edward was. My response? Edward? What kind of a name is that for a hero, anyway? *makes a face*

So I was at Target picking up all the cute little travel items (as one does), and I saw none other than Twilight for the bargain price of 6 bucks on sale. Welp, cheaper than two magazines, I figured. So I snatched it up and brought it along for my flight.

Fast-forward a couple months, and I’d not only fallen in love with a hero named Edward, but I’d also fallen down the rabbit hole that is known as the Twilight Fandom.

This month, all the Bad Girls are telling you what author or book inspired them to start writing. And while I can’t necessarily say that Twilight was the single inspiration to my becoming a writer, I can say unequivocally I would not be an author today without it.

Hyperbole? NO, SIR.

You see, seven years ago (almost to the date! I posted my very first Twilight fanfic in January 2009), I dipped my toe into a place I hadn’t ventured in years. I wrote in middle school and high school. I was assistant editor of our literary magazine and on the newspaper staff. And, honestly, I’d always loved to write. But that day in January was like nothing I’d ever done before. I sat down and bled 10k words in a day and published my first piece of fiction, despite the gnawing in my gut. And then I continued to do it for approximately half a million words.

My love for those characters from that book is what once again sparked my love for not only writing, but reading. Since then, I’ve read thousands of fics (I really wish I would’ve kept track because it would be both amazing and a little terrifying, to be quite honest) and hundreds upon hundreds of books. It awoke something inside me I didn’t even realize needed to get out.

After writing a crapton of fanfic, I ventured into original fiction thanks to the urging of my ever faithful, ever amazing CP. The first thing I wrote was Plus One, and it later became published by Carina Press.

Honestly, I owe every bit of my career to Twilight, because without it, I wouldn’t be a writer or a reader, and I definitely wouldn’t have found the amazing people I surround myself with on this rollercoaster of a career path.

Last week, my eighth published novel was released, which is reason enough to celebrate. But what made it all the more special was the three other fandom authors I shared release week with. So many of my fellow fandom authors and friends (seriously…I have really talented friends, you guys) started out writing in a world that wasn’t ours with characters that weren’t ours and have since evolved to be multi-published or soon-to-be multi-published authors. And I think that’s pretty awesome.

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