So Long, Farewell….

Bad Girlz of the world…I’ve been keeping a secret.  A secret that is exciting and scary all at the same time, kind of like a record breaking roller coaster.  A secret that is bound to change my course forever.  A secret that it’s time to share with all of you.

I, Jenna P, am retiring from Bad Girlz Write.

This has been a difficult decision for me.  I love our blog.  I helped find our blog.  I love every writer and reader and faithful follower of our blog.  But for the past year or so I’ve been feeling a little out of touch, a little – one of these things is not like the others, if you will.  No one has made me feel this way but myself, and I’m not really sure why all the sudden it’s happened either.  Maybe it was the Women’s Fiction debacle with RWA a couple years back that got me to thinking.  Maybe it’s that I’ve seen most of my fellow bad girlz get their well-deserved book deals and move on in their careers, while I’m still stuck in limbo back in the pre-published world.  Or, maybe I’ve always felt this way but was too afraid to admit it aloud.  All I know is that something had to change.

So, I spent the holidays doing a little bit of soul searching and coming up with a plan.  I’ve been revamping my website and reaching out into the writing community to find other women’s fiction writers to connect with.  I’ve talked to some of the other bad girlz about my feelings and rediscovered what amazing, supportive friends I have.  I’ve also been asking for advice from authors who have been where I am and come out on the other side.  And what I’ve realized is this:  in order for me to find my place in this industry, I need to fully submerge myself in my market.  In order for me to fully submerge myself in my market, I need to let go everything outside of it.

Unfortunately, this includes Bad Girlz Write.

The lovely ladies on this blog all write fantastic romances with amazing careers behind and ahead of them.  And though I’m confident that I too will have an amazing career in upmarket women’s fiction at some point, I’ve come to accept that the path for me will be much different than my fellow bloggers.  And for the first time, I’m really okay with that.  Yeah, it’s scary.  Yeah, it’s going to be a challenge to go at it alone.  But it’s the right thing for me.  I believe it.  I can feel it.

Of course, that doesn’t mean I’m leaving the group all together.  Jeanette has made me promise to be a “Bad Girl Emeritus – like those professors who retire and don’t teach anymore but still show up all the time.”  And I will be back from time to time to guest blog should my lovely friends ask.  If you’ve enjoyed my blog posts here, please come check out my new website and blog at  My first official blog post went up today!

It’s been a blast!  Until we meet again, this is Jenna P signing off.

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