February is the New January

Am I the only one staring in dismay at the new month on the 2016 calendar? It’s February already? How did this happen?

I began the New Year full of ambition and determination. Though I still have that same drive toward my goals for 2016, I’m not where I—perhaps idealistically—thought I would be after a month. I had it in my mind that after a month, I would have lost 5 pounds, finished my current manuscript, and have all of my work and domestic ducks in a row. After all, I’d created the Rules of 2 Plan at the first of the year. Basically in the Rules of 2 Plan, I would run 2 miles, write 2,000 words, do 2 loads of laundry, complete 2 work tasks, and complete 2 domestic tasks…every day. It was a great plan—for a robot. But alas, I’m human. Things happen, and my Rules of 2 Plan fell apart pretty quickly.

Last night after beating myself up for far too long for not accomplishing more, I decided to change my outlook on New Year’s goals. The Rules of 2 have officially been tossed from my office window. And now there’s a whole new thought process going on here, Bad Girlz of the World! I’m still working on a catchy name for this new system, mostly because C.R.M.R.M.G. doesn’t spell anything cool like S.H.I.E.L.D. But it goes something like this:

Congratulate yourself of any successes you’ve had.
I found that I was berating myself for not writing more words on book 3 when I should have given myself a pat on the back for completing the edits on book 2. New things are going to land on your to-do list, but just because you weren’t able to devote more time to another item, doesn’t mean you failed. You did what you needed to do. Go you! This also means that afternoon last week when you were too excited to write because something awesome happened in your work or personal life, is a time to be celebrated, not something to be ashamed of. Give yourself credit for your accomplishments thus far.

Reassess where you want to go.
Plans change. Today I’m working on promotional items that are needed for my next book release. [*cough cough* Coming March 1st! Preorder your copy today!] While this isn’t a bad thing, it requires that I adjust my word count goal accordingly.

Manage the size of your goal.
I am queen of setting impossible goals for myself and then mourning them when they go unattained. Perhaps it’s time to do the logical thing and set attainable goals. I know, that’s just crazy talk, but I’m going to try. Try it with me! Make a reasonably sized goal for yourself so you can celebrate it later.

Recommit yourself to moving forward.
Write your goal down. Make a list. Tell a friend and be held accountable. However you want to accomplish this, let go of the past and move forward. February is the new January. And I’m pretty sure that makes March the new February.

Manage your time.
Pay attention to how you spend your time and use every minute to work toward your goals.

Go for it! You’ve got this!

Let February be your new January. What reasonably sized goal do you have for this month?

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