It is with a ton of excitement, and more than a hint of eager anxiety, that I reveal the cover of                   A MOMENT OF BLISS! This is the first book in my Honeywilde Romance series. The book drops August 16th and I hope everyone will love Roark and Madison as much as I do. These two lightning-in-a-bottle personalities come together to mix pleasure with business, but they’ll have to lower their defenses and surrender hard won independence if they want something even sweeter.AMOB cover

Read an excerpt from A MOMENT OF BLISS:

No wonder a world-traveling music star remained obsessed with this place.

Honeywilde provided all of what was best about the South: the food, the warm, welcoming environment, the relaxed atmosphere, the gorgeous weather.

Madison grabbed a biscuit, cut it in half, and slathered it with butter before Roark could return and see how much she’d put on each side. The temptation to hurry and eat one now, and pretend like a second one was her first, was immense. She took a sip of her coffee while the butter melted. Roark appeared in the restaurant doorway a moment later.


Not because she’d missed her opportunity for biscuit scarfing, but damn.

He spotted her and strolled over, saying hello to a few of the guests. His face was full of color from the morning air, his dark hair slightly tousled from the wind. He was still put together, top to bottom, in dark gray slacks and what looked like a ridiculously soft polo shirt, but she could easily imagine him less cleaned up.

Ruffled from the outdoors, his hair mussed up even more, smelling like sunshine and evergreen, and a day or two of scruff on his jaw. He was the kind of man who could work a bit of stubble. The kind who made your lips pink after kissing him, and rubbed deliciously against you in . . . other places.

Madison jerked her gaze down to her biscuit. Work, work, work. Job, job, job. She was not here to salivate over biscuits and Roark. She grabbed a menu, ready to fan her face until she caught herself.

“Hey.” He pulled his chair out and sat down across from her. “Chillier than usual this morning.”

She put the menu back down. “Uh huh. Chilly.”

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