Binge, Baby, Binge

When not writing or editing, one of my favorite things to do is watch the creative efforts of TV writers. Like, I really, seriously love TV. When we lowered our cable package last year, losing networks such as BBC America and SyFy, two of my faves, it was a sacrifice on my part. I told myself I could get the seasons of the shows I watched on those networks later on from Netflix. Then when we sold our house, I thought maybe we’d move somewhere with a great cable company (LOLOLOL! Yes, I know, I can hear all of your laughter now) and I could get those networks back. But when we saw how much the cable was going to be and knowing what a pain in the behind the last company was, we made the decision to not get cable at all. Horrors!

Copyright STARZ

Copyright STARZ

Instead, we signed up for streaming services such as Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime and Sling (just during the time period for The Walking Dead since that’s the only way you can get it live without cable). I later added the Starz add-on to Amazon to watch Outlander and HBO Now to get Game of Thrones. And you know what? I don’t miss cable! Why I am now seriously in love with streaming:

  1. No cable bill and I don’t have to deal with price hikes and the madness that is trying to talk to a live person at the cable company!
  2. If I want to cancel one of the streaming services, it’s easy. No endlessly being transferred from one person to another in hopes that I’ll give up and just keep the cable and the accompanying bill.
  3. Black Sails, copyright STARZ

    Binge watching! Anyone who really knows me know that I’m a big binge watcher when I find something I really like. Most recently it was Black Sails. I watched all three seasons in less than a week. Loved it! Pirates! Sailing ships! History! Hot men! What’s not to love?

  4. Being able to go back and watch things I missed — either seasons I simply hadn’t seen yet (like I just finished last season’s The Last Ship; hmm, ships and hot men, I’m sensing a pattern) or shows I’ve not seen at all but can now totally binge (Grimm, Merlin and Call the Midwife are on my list).
  5. No commercials! I don’t even have to fast forward through ones on a DVR.

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Are you a binge watcher? If so, what is the last thing you binged? And help me with my to-watch list — what should I add?

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