Desperate Times Call for Desperate Hobbies

We’ve been talking about our hobbies on the blog lately. I love to write–like, love it. It’s been my favorite pastime since I was a first-grader with ink-smudged fingers and paper cuts from the spiral notebooks I carried around. When a story is going well, the words flow like magic. The emotions are clear on the page, and the characters are as real to me as family and friends. When a story is going well, there’s nothing I enjoy more than being at my computer, creating worlds.

When a story is going well.

The truth is, there are days when the writing does not go well. At all. You realize you have a plot-hole big enough to drive the family minivan through, you realize you’re not a visual person and have neglected to describe anything for one hundred and forty pages, you realize you’ll have to backtrack and throw out three chapters of work, and you realize your fictional “friends” can be uncooperative bastards. When these painful realizations occur, I suddenly find myself with previously unknown hobbies. For instance, did you know scrubbing toilets is super fun?

Add in some rubber gloves, and you've got yourself a partay!

Add in some rubber gloves, and you’ve got yourself a partay!

Okay, fine. “Fun” may not be the precise word, but having a clean bathroom is far more satisfying than sobbing at your laptop that you’re a talentless hack. Turns out, lots of things are. And so I give you:

Activities Tanya Enjoys Way More Than Writing (on the days writing sucks)


Lower body workouts

Slaving away in a hot kitchen on an elaborate dinner my kids will declare gross before they even try it

Walking barefoot through an anthill

Trying on bathing suits. In a room with fluorescent lighting

Re-watching the unsatisfying series finale of Lost and counting up how many hours of my life I “lost” to that show (approximately 121)

Enduring one of my thirteen year old’s “YOU’LL NEVER UNDERSTAND!” meltdowns. (Why limit myself to uncooperative fictional characters when I can enjoy tear-filled abuse in real life?)

Installing Windows Updates

Invariably, those updates take forever and usually screw up my computer for a few hours. But on the upside, by the time I get my document re-opened, I’ve forgotten how painful this writing business is and get sucked into giving it another try. Sometimes, I stumble into a moment of brilliance. The best feeling is stringing together enough moments and pages to produce a book I’m damn proud of (like, hey! this scorching hot friends-to-lovers romance that’s available in stores next week. You should read it. Pre-order now.)


And if the brilliance doesn’t come and the blinking cursor drives me to tears? Well, there are always a few hundred loads of laundry I could do. Bring on the fun.

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