My Life Away from the Computer Rocks!

If Writing is my Art, Music is my Muse.

Music inspires me. Songs inspire me. Bands (and the introspective hotties in them) inspire me.

The lyrics. The melodies. The bass lines. The guitar riffs. The drum beats.

In this post, I’m giving you a glimpse into my life outside of writing. Music is my social life. Whether it’s hanging out at places I can take my kids that have live music, going to concerts with my husband and friends, or just cranking the volume and dancing around the house. Music is always in my life. For example, here’s my concert schedule for the next 2 months:

May 24 – The 1975 in Milwaukee
May 25 – The 1975 in St. Paul
(Yes, I am flying to see The 1975 in 2 cities in two days! I LOVE them)
June 15 – The 1975 in Charlotte
June 28 – Twenty One Pilots in Charlotte*

*Schedule does not include the following shows in May that I WANT to go to, but haven’t bought tickets for yet… The Wombats, Silversun Pickups, Weezer, Death Cab for Cutie.

Did I mention that I may be a teeny tiny bit obsessed with The 1975. As a throwback to my teenage self going wild over The Cure—I simply adore The 1975 right now.

You haven’t heard of The 1975?? Oh my. Start googling now. I tried to upload some concert clips, but for some reason my movies are telling me the file is not found. (I type this calmly, though I’m panicking on the inside!!! My adult life in concerts–gone??? A freakout for another time, like 5 seconds after I post this…)

Music is my muse in many ways. Matty Healy, the lead singer of The 1975, inspired Aleksandr Varenkov’s hair in DELAYED PENALTY.

IMG_9365Matty’s hair is EPIC!! It’s difficult to see just how glorious his locks are in this pic. Again, just google him.

Every key scene in each book I write is inspired by a song. No joke. If you look at my playlists for each book, you can piece together which song inspired a certain part of the book.

When I write I listen to a ton of stuff: The 1975, Twenty One Pilots, The National, Frightened Rabbit, Catfish and the Bottlemen, James, Depeche Mode, The Cure, Poe, Shakira, The Griswolds…there are hundreds of artists.

When I write sexy scenes I listen to a lot of New Politics.


Let’s jam together. I love trying new bands or rocking out to old favorites, so hit me with you favorite music in the comments below!

*Meanwhile, I’ll try to find some personal concert footage I can upload. 😉  (NOT FREAKING OUT. YES, I AM.)

Sophia Henry writes Heartfelt Flirty Fiction featuring hot, hockey-playing heroes. DELAYED PENALTY and POWER PLAY, the first two books in the Pilots Hockey series from Random House Flirt, are available now at all major e-book retailers.

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