Different is Good

Today marks one week since INTERFERENCE, Book 3 in the Pilots Hockey world released. I’m gonna tell you a (not very well kept) secret about my series. I want to be different. I’m trying to be different. I’m writing what I want to read. I’m writing the books I want to write. I might not fit into a box.


Example #1: INTERFERENCE (Okay, technically this is Example 3, since all of my books are a little different, but work with me)…


In INTERFERENCE, the hero is the brother of a player on the Detroit Pilots minor league hockey team. He’s a police officer.

Sophia! Shame! Shame! How can you call this a hockey series when the hero of your book isn’t even a hockey player?

Because IT’S MY WORLD.

OH THE POWER! THE POWER!  *taps fingers together and laughs maniacally* hahahahahahahhahaha

Sorry about that. Sometimes being a writer goes to my head, because seriously, how often so we get to have control of the world?


And it’s pretty darn cool to be able to do what I want. Because–IT’S MY WORLD.

There’s a point to this post – I swear

  1. Write what YOU want. You don’t have to justify it to anyone (except maybe your editor, but I hope they are on your side if they signed you).
  2. Don’t worry about what people think.  My books all take place in the Pilots Hockey World. (MY WORLD). They are all connected by the characters in that world. I’m not pulling people out of dumpsters in San Antonio, they are all related to the Detroit Pilots hockey team. (Unless it’s your editor, of course)
  3. If you’re different, be different. Don’t try to fit into a mold you don’t fit in. Be you. Twist it. Throw a kink in the “expectation” of what people think they are going to get when they open your book. I don’t want to read the same story over and over. I want little twists. If that means calling a book about the brother of a hockey player part of my world, then Turbo Twist me up, baby!

If someone can’t get over minor things that you did–as the author who created YOUR WORLD–to mix it up and be different in your own way, that’s not your reader. And there are readers out there for everyone.

Don’t worry. You’ll find yours.

If you want to check out INTERFERENCE, I’d love that! It’s available major e-book retailers for $2.99. It’s also available on Audiobook! 🙂

And Happy TATAR Tuesday from my family to yours! (This is what we do in MY WORLD) 😉


Sophia Henry writes Heartfelt Flirty Fiction featuring hot, hockey-playing heroes. DELAYED PENALTY and POWER PLAY, the first two books in the Pilots Hockey series from Random House Flirt, are available now at all major e-book retailers.

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