Lemony Things

Sometimes life is lemony.

We all have days, weeks, months, even years when our arms are full with all the lemons life has dealt us. We work to make lemonade from the pile we carry around as we’re told to do, but sometimes we end up with lemonade, lemon pie, lemon drops, lemon pound cake, those lemon squares with the powdered sugar on top, and still lemons left over. What’s a Bad Girl to do?

Earlier this week I encountered some lemons of my own. It had been a long week sprinkled with a bit of lemon zest here and there at #RWA16 and I was ready to get home and hug my family. So I was all smiles on the airplane headed for the east coast.
Only the plane never left the ground. After getting off the plane twice, they announced that the flight was canceled and we walked back out of the gate for the third and last time. Thankfully I found the ingredients for lemonade nearby since Jeanette Grey and Sydney Carroll were on the same flight.

I’m not going to gloss over this part. There was about 30-45 minutes of panic over all the lemons: We’re stranded. We need to get home to our families. I can’t even tell my husband what happened, because he’s on a plane today too. The red eye out is already booked up. Where do we go? What do we do?

But then I remembered what I’ll call Lemony Law #1: You have friends who love you no matter what.

So we rescheduled our flights, called an Uber to take us to the Airline’s designated hotel, and paused to take a selfie. 🙂
But what we found when we got to the hotel was even better. The hotel was across the street from the attraction we’d regretted not making time for while we were in town: Anthony’s Fish Grotto and the Maritime Museum. And our hotel wasn’t too shabby either.

Which brings me to Lemony Law #2: Don’t let the lemons steal your joy while you make that lemonade.
IMG_1087IMG_1146fish grotto
After relaxing in the room for a while, we walked across the street, ready to experience anything the day had to offer. If you’re going to be stranded somewhere, I highly recommend San Diego.

Lemony Law #3: Sip that lemonade like you’ve never sipped lemonade before in your life. Work it! Sip it! You never know what sights you’ll see along the way.


IMG_1150Ship at sunset
We finally got home yesterday after being tourists and eating at the fish grotto. There was much rejoicing over airplanes that actually lifted off the ground. But we’ll always have the memories of the day we were stranded in San Diego together.

Lemony Law #4: You have family who love you no matter what. Hug them often, especially after extended time away.

If life has thrown lemons at you lately: a rocky point in your career path, health problems you’re struggling to overcome, or simply a canceled flight home, find a way to make lemonade, and enjoy it to the fullest. After all, every one of us has to drink lemony things on occasion.

*sips lemonade with a smile*

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