Cute Graphics? I’ve got ’em!

Writer confession # 8, 573: I’m addicted to!

Have you ever visited their website? You should! This site makes the creation of graphics for social media super easy and the images are either free or just a dollar or two. You select what you’re using the image for whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, a cover image, and they size it for you. Then they give you options for your image to get you started, or you can choose your background and text individually. It is so simple to make your social media look fancy with the help of this great website. I love it!

Yes, I’ve used it in the past here and there, but y’all, lately? I’m out of control, and I don’t care. I have a book releasing in one week, THE REBEL HEIR, and I’ve created all the things! Check it out.

To celebrate my blog tour:


Virtual Tour Promo Image

Oooooor, if you prefer: 


Tour Schedule

To encourage readers to pre-order this bad boy! 🙂 :


DSS Crossover Graphic


Broadway Teaser


Evangeline Dared Graphic


Meet Ash Claughbane


Steal me FB image



To celebrate my release day:


RH Release Day Invitation


For posting on book release day (In one week!!!!!):


New Release Ad for Facebook


Twitter release day 2


Release day 2


Twitter release day 1


For fun:


Release day 1

Just in case one or all of these graphics worked to get your attention:

The Rebel Heir releases in one week! I bet you had no idea! *grins*

Google Play:

Thanks for reading!

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