Holiday Gifts for the Book Lovers in Your Life

It’s that time of year where we start obsessing over what to get our friends and family. I’ve put together a mix of unique and practical gifts that are sure to make your Book Loving friends happy!

Literary Scarf


I LOVE THESE. I bought an Alice in Wonderland scarf for my best friend two years ago. She adored it!

Don’t really like the classical literature options?? It’s okay! I found an Easy store that will make a scarf with the words you want on it. Which is a pretty cool gift for the AUTHOR or book lover in your life. (hint hint) Link: ESTY Store




Book Shaped Plates




I can’t even handle how cute these are! I want a stack of them!





Stacked Book Tissue Box Cover


This one is really clever. I mean, no offense to tissue makers, but even the decorative boxes aren’t that cute. Stack some books over that ugly box! Bonus — This one is only $15 on Amazon.





I know some people say that gift cards (and cash) are impersonal. But what I think is impersonal is getting someone a gift that they’ll NEVER use. Maybe I think a stacked-book tissue box cover is the bees knees, but a friend might think – why the F would I want that ugly ass thing on my counter?




I swear I’m not pimping Amazon or anything, but it really is a GO-TO gift card for me because people can buy whatever they find on there! And I can send E-Gift cards –which is always a bonus! Plus, the Big A has a ton of cute e-gift card designs to choose from.


Comment below with with your favorite bookish gifst to get Book Lovers in your life! I’m sure we all would love new and creative recommendations!!

Happy Holidays!!

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