Hitting the Ground Strolling

Am I the only one struggling to dive into 2017?

I know it’s the third day of January already, but my mind is still on vacation. I’ve never been a “Hit the ground running” sort of person. Instead, I prefer to hit the ground, take a few minutes to appreciate the change of scenery, chat with a friend, maybe even find a gift shop on whatever ground I’ve hit, grab a snack for the road, then wander forward. And that’s how I’m hitting the ground in 2017.

I had an amazing vacation! One of the best ever! Did it involve an exotic beach or a ski lodge? Um, no. To be honest, I did nothing and it was perfect! I finally saw the new Star Wars movie. I binge watched a season and a half of Pretty Little Liars. Every night I played board games with my family. When I wanted to get out of my house, I wandered through shops and looked at all the pretty things. Then I decorated some blank spots on the walls with the pretty things I found when I was out. For me, this was the ideal break from life.

It seems like a lot of my conversations lately with my fellow Bad Girlz have centered on the theme of how stretched thin and exhausted we’ve collectively been. There haven’t been enough hours in the day. Our to-do lists have gotten longer and longer. And the pace of life has had us running even when we’d rather stroll. Then the holiday season arrived…

My hope for this year is that we can take time every now and then to do what brings us peace.

In an effort to make this happen in my life, I’m going to keep making time after vacation to occasionally wander through a shop or two. I’m going to continue to decorate my house. And I’m going to cherish every second I get to spend with my family, because these are the things that bring me peace and happiness.

The new decor in the Monkey's bathroom/ my laundry room. ;)

The new decor in the Monkey’s bathroom/ my laundry room. I had a blast working on this over vacation.  And I *might* have ordered DC female superhero fabric to use to make a window valence.  😉


The early stages of the new game room. I’m waiting to get the vintage board games I found back from the framing shop to add to this wall. I can’t wait! 🙂

As I wander slowly into this New Year, I’m looking forward to a few dates on the calendar like the When the Heart Dreams Reader Event on February 11th where I’ll be the emcee! And I’m anticipating the release of The Wicked Heir on July 1st. And somewhere in between those dates, I’m excited to spend the day shopping, reading a book, or doing absolutely nothing just for me.


Sometimes it’s nice to do nothing.

What will you make time for in 2017?

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