Unorthodox Writing Process

Let’s  talk about the writing process. My process. Wait, what is that? 😉


My process starts with an idea — which turns into a scene. The scene isn’t always the first scene of the book. Sometimes it is (very unlikely). I usually start in the middle. Because the scene that inspires me to write the book is usually somewhere down the line in the plot.

Where do I get my ideas? Songs, people, real life (this happens a lot), imagination. Ideas come from all over, I think we can all agree on that. You’re driving down the road and something ah-may-zing pops into your head–so you have to use the voice feature to dictate a note into your phone. Or you write random ideas on the back of a Target receipt (or–my personal favorite–airline boarding pass).

After I get that idea, I write the scene in as much entirety as I can at that moment. I know it will change. I mean, if I start in the middle, I have no clue what comes before that, so timeline and wording is going to change. But that scene usually dictates where I go next. Obviously they all come together, so the inspiration for plot is going feed from the scenes I’ve already written.

I write scene by scene until I have about one-third to half the book (25,000-30,000 words usually). Then I create a W-Plot and really plot out the book. From there, I start to put my scenes in order, using “Chapter” with no number. This allows me to see where I need to “fill in.” Sometimes I need to move entire scenes to a different section, re-write scenes that done’t quite fit–and yes–delete entire scenes that don’t work at all. 🙁

Is it confusing? Sometimes. Is it a bit unorthodox? Sure. Do I ever get stuck because I’ve written all the scenes I’m SUPER EXCITED about already? Sadly, yes.

But as writers, we trudge through. I know I’ll be excited about the entire book, just gotta muddle through transitions to get there.

Did I just say transitions? Yeah, I need to work on those. Still. Always be improving your craft, right??

Do you have an unorthodox writing process? (What is unorthodox, really? We’re all individuals and no one’s mind works the same way.) Tell me about it in the comments.

And keep on being you!!!

Sophia Henry writes Heartfelt Flirty Fiction featuring hot, hockey-playing heroes. DELAYED PENALTY and POWER PLAY, the first two books in the Pilots Hockey series from Random House Flirt, are available now at all major e-book retailers.

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