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Y’all. I have more stories coming out.

This is the sort of observation that hits home when one GETS PAID and also finishes page proofs. I can’t believe that I’ve finished a fourth novel. I can’t believe I have a novella coming out in July. Ya know, you wait and wait and submit and submit, then you turn around one day and realize that you’ve written a few books. It’s kinda looking at my rising 6th grader and my rising sophomore and realizing. . . . I’m old.

But I’m not as old as two of the main characters of my novella, Orange Blossom Special. Edie and Janice are in their late 80s, and they are on a mission to scatter Jerome’s ashes in some strategic places in Tennessee. The biggest catch? Edie, Jerome’s wife, and Janice, his sister, have never really gotten along. To add more tension, Walter and Peyton, two teens who used to watch Tennessee football with Jerome, have been recruited to drive the Orange Blossom Special, an old hearse that’s been painted orange and white.

Did I mention that Jerome requested that his ashes rest in a Carmen Miranda cookie jar?

If you wanna PREORDER (7/25/17) Orange Blossom Special, you can do so at one of these places:

Amazon     Apple     Google     Kobo     Nook

Do save some room for Bless Her Heart, my fourth novel, in which a preacher’s wife gives up church for Lent. Oh, there will be tarot and tequila, stripper poles and tasers, and, of course, Tom Brokaw. Like all good novels set during Lent, Bless Her Heart will be out on Halloween. You can PREORDER (10/31/17) it here:

Amazon     Apple     Google     Kobo     Nook

Whew! Now I need to get to work on book five. Someone’s left a baby in the manger at the drive through Nativity. No one knows who she is, but they’re pretty sure she’s not Jesus!

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