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Once upon a time, seven writers decided to give blogging a go. We had no idea what we were doing when it came to writing or blogging, but we thought through the latter, maybe we could help others with the former.

We started the planning and building stages of Bad Girlz Write in the spring of 2012. Back when I still wrote paranormal. My child was two years old. I’d known EMichels for maybe a year, I only barely knew Jeanette, and I didn’t know Laura Trentham at all!

Fast forward five years. I have a boy now, instead of a baby. I’ve changed jobs, I’ve changed sub-genres, I learned how to write, found an agent, wrote 9 books, sold most of them, went from being a casual to a professional fangirl, and I’ve made some of the most awesome friends ever. In 5 years, I’ve considered giving up writing at least twice. Wait…yeah that sounds right. Two times. Maybe three? Anyway, I’ve been elated with writing at least ten times that, and I’m still here. With the Girlz, I’ve talked to the point I’ve lost my voice, laughed so hard I was sore the next day, and cried enough to give myself a headache. I’ve had people insult my writing dream and people in awe of it. I’ve drank my share of wine, traveled across the country, up and down the east coast, fangirled, flailed, danced (seriously, there’s so much dancing. Why are we always dancing?), squeed, limped, laughed, giggled and gawked with my writer tribe.

I could go on and on about all the fun the Bad Girlz had over the years. Even without a blog, there will be tons more to come, but since I love lists, I’ll limit my memories to a Top 5 List:

5. The very first Bad Girlz Retreat at Big Moose Lodge, a year or more before we were even Bad Girlz. This was way back when we actually did workshops and wrote while on retreat. (Heh. That was the first and last time any actual writing work got done when we all get together.) I believe we were preparing for Moonlight and Magnolias – the first conference for all of us.

4. The last Bad Girlz Retreat at Big Moose. No writing occurred, but that was when we decided to start this blog! Jeanette barely knew us, yet agreed to go to a remote, mountain getaway with 6 writer meeting proximity associates. Lucky for her, we weren’t psycho killers (Qu’est-ce que c’est?). To this day, we still laugh about the somewhat uncharacteristic audacity it took for her to go. ‘Twas meant to be, I say.

3. That BGW Weekend at Lake Norman. There were 2 or 3, and I honestly can’t separate them from each other. They’ve blended into one amalgam of seeing Tony Stark’s house, sitting on the porch, swimming in the pool,  going to the lake, eating too much guacamole, going out for “fancy” Mexican, and talking for HOURS. Mainly, I  just remember having so much fun, and that’s what matters.

2. Moonlight & Magnolias…2011? I think the year was 2011. Idek. It was my first writer conference and it was the one in Decatur, Georgia. Someone correct me if I got the date wrong. There’s something magical about your first writer’s conference. Decatur is a perfect little town within the metropolis of Atlanta, the restaurants were all to die for, and you could walk to everything. But it just goes to show, a little magic goes a long way. The hotel was literally closing down around us, they short-changed us on towels and ran out of hotel chicken, but that conference will always hold a special place. Everything was new, we actually participated in the newcomer’s orientation, Eloisa James’ keynote made me cry, Darlene made the best Cosmos, and I pitched a book for the first time ever. I didn’t sell said book, but by gosh, I pitched the hell out of it!

1. RWA San Diego. This conference was amazing! Not only were the writer vibes fabulous, but I can’t say enough good things about the city of San Diego and the hotel that hosted us. And the weather! I still day dream about 0% humidity and having good hair days at the end of July. I’m glad the cost of living is higher in California. It’s a high of 77 and a low of 63. Who lives like that?!?!

Last year’s RWA conference was heads above my first RWA conference, and I think that had a lot to do with where I am in my career. Last year, I was able to attend a few functions and parties, relax a little more, but learn a lot, and enjoy myself while feeling like I was truly participating in a professional industry conference. In short, I wasn’t as clueless as I was 3 years prior. And, I got to eat meals, sea-side, with my friends, while enjoying the gorgeous weather. I was able to spend quality time with people I hold dear, but only see a few times a year. RWA San Diego will be tough to beat, but next week, I go to RWA Orlando. 🙂 I’d love for RWA Orlando to be the best one yet!

Thank you to all of the Bad Girlz Write followers and readers for the last 5 years! Your comments and participation meant everything to us. I hope you picked up some tips and found a few takeaways over the years. That’s why we wanted to blog in the first place. And lastly, thank you to the Bad Girlz. I don’t think I’d be in this #authorlife if it weren’t for you, but I know I wouldn’t be having this much fun.

<3 y’all,

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